Albaad ERP Agility Case Study

Albaad Ensures ERP Agility with Next Generation Testing by Panaya

Panaya’s Omega Automatically Converts Actual Business Activities into Up-to-Date Test Scripts


With the growth and expansion of the company and demands of digital transformation, Albaad needed to ensure the agility of their SAP system, the backbone application for their business processes, through fast, frequent product updates and new releases. However, with frequent product updates and new releases comes the challenge of managing and testing the continually expanding size and complexity of regression test suites. In turn, the rigorous regression testing schedule was challenging the accuracy and quality of their test scripts.

With the time, effort and cost required to manage the quality, testing became Albaad’s bottleneck for keeping with the pace of business. QA managers were forced to compromise between high risk using less resources and time or high quality testing that resulted in golive delays.

Albaad Case Study
Albaad Case Study

“With Omega we gain clear visibility into our business processes across the globe and our user activities are automatically converted to test scripts – this is a new era in testing and provides us the required agility, efficiency and business process quality assurance.”

Roman Litrovnik
CIO, Albaad


Panaya the leader in accelerating SAP system changes understood the challenges Albaad faced and presented them with Omega, the Panaya solution for faster change and fewer incidents. A solution developed using the technologies of crowd sourcing and artificial intelligence based on SAP production behavior, Omega continually and automatically converts actual business activities to test scripts, building an up-to-date regression test suite that requires no manual maintenance. Simply put, Omega gathers activities from production usage and applies powerful algorithms to create an accurate production driven regression suite that is specific to the customers SAP system.


With Omega, Albaad’s regression suite is ready for each release. No longer are they required to spend time on the tedious updating of the test scripts, which constantly involved asking key users to prepare test scripts, or to confirm that the test scripts from last release are correct (and they are never correct, because production is constantly changing). “Reducing on the maintenance phase of test scripts is good for large releases, but even better for small ones, where no one has the time to update the test script, so what happens is that we simply take risks” says Albaad CIO Roman Litrovnik.

Albaad was able to ensure quality and reduce go live incidents by 25% with the accuracy of Omega’s test scripts.

Using Omega, Albaad has the knowledge and visibility to plan changes based on facts with a view in details on how the SAP transactions are really executed. There is less space for errors, and combined with the always ready test scripts, Albaad is able to reduce the regression testing phase by 30%. With the confidence Albaad gained, they now commit to change faster.

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