Maintain stability while optimizing

manufacturing processes
without disruption

Ensure a seamless daily manufacturing routine and minimize supply chain and inventory-exposed vulnerabilities by using the most advanced tools to map impact and reduce risk.

Any disruption can result in a major loss!

For manufacturing enterprises, the utilization of resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems is crucial for effectively monitoring and managing business-critical activities on a daily basis.
The supply chain disruptions impacting the manufacturing sector are among its most serious challenges. Any disruption is unacceptable and may result in a major business loss. To ensure smooth operations, manufacturing enterprises need to manage activities such as production planning, real-time inventory levels, sales management, accounting, procurement, and finances.

How Panaya’s SaaS Platform Helps Mitigate Risk in Enterprise Applications

Panaya’s SaaS platform offers a comprehensive risk mitigation solution for Enterprise applications ( SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, ServiceNow, etc.) allowing businesses to map all aspects of their enterprise application, the platform provides a clear understanding of the potential outcomes before implementing any changes.

Change Intelligence

Increase agility and eliminate risk by harnessing AI power to understand the consequences and business impact of every change.

Real-time visibility and actionable insights

Make informed decisions and remove bottlenecks with a user-friendly dashboard and notifications.

Built-in Collaboration Tools

Eliminate idle time and relieve workload bottlenecks. Ensure optimal workflows with streamlined testing cycles, proactive notifications, and communication.

How our solutions help our clients
overcome challenges

When you are looking for an upgrade, the challenge is to complete it by a certain date. Panaya is here to make sure that your target would not be missed.

“If we had not [tested] with Panaya, we probably would’ve spent 70% more time, and money.”

Vivek Karwande | US ERP integration manager, ABB

MSA experienced immediate advantages through Panaya Test Dynamix, including faster targeted feature management and end-to-end testing capabilities.

“With Panaya Test Dynamix , project duration is much shorter, accuracy is much higher, and we had no major issues going live.”

Martina Hahn | Executive Director for Global SAP, MSA

Entegris has been using Panaya since 2011 for SPS/EhP Upgrades and user acceptance testing (UAT) for Strategic projects. For this business-led project, Panaya was an obvious choice.

“With Panaya, you don’t spend time emailing back and forth with the tester to get additional information. Once the defect is resolved, the tester is notified by Panaya that the issue is resolved and ready for them to retest.”

Vicky Mesenbring | IT Project Manager, Entegris

With Panaya ForeSight, Stanley Black and Decker has been able to dramatically reduce breakage and incidents during enhancements, integrations, and updates.

“I know there is always a chance incidents may happen in Salesforce, you take risks, and you move forward. But Foresight is the one tool that helps us mitigate these risks and ensure we are not breaking any existing functionality while delivering new functionality at pace.”

Scott Strong | Lead Architect Sales and Service, Stanley Black & Decker

Change with Confidence

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