Roy Hill Leverages Panaya RDx to Release SAP® EWM Module with Zero Go-Live Issues

Whilst Reducing Testing Effort by 70%

Roy Hill manages a world-class iron ore operation and the largest single ore mine in Australia.
With integrated mine, rail and port facilities producing 55Mtpa – Roy Hill features as one of the world’s major resource-based operations. Panaya’s Machine Learning based Change Impact and
Risk Analysis Engine within Release Dynamix (RDx) helped Roy Hill’s SAP® team introduce their Enterprise Warehouse Management (EWM) module with zero go-live failures, whilst reducing
testing effort and timelines by over 70%.


With ongoing business demands for agility, the team at Roy Hill needs to deliver fast and risk-free SAP® changes. For their EWM project, the SAP team had a fixed go-live date, in order to meet critical business requirements. As a result, they had very tight deadlines to:

  • Understand change impact & business processes at risk
  • Define what needs to be tested
  • Complete regression testing

Describing the urgency of the project, David Mouchemore, the SAP Application Superintendent at Roy Hill explained:
“My support team was tasked to complete regression testing of our existing SAP environment, and ensure there were no issues when Roy Hill implemented the Enterprise Warehouse Management (EWM) module. The go-live date was not moving, and we only had weeks to complete the process.”

Roy Hill

“We reached out to Panaya to run their Machine Learning Engine for Change Impact and Risk Analysis [Release Dynamix] to help give us a more accurate report as to what really needs to be tested”

David Mouchemore, 
SAP Application Superintendent, Roy Hill


Panaya RDx’s Machine Learning Engine autonomously learnt about Roy Hill’s existing SAP
environment, code, integrations and business usage. It then analyzed the code against proposed changes for the EWM project.
Being a SaaS product, RDx features instant setup and access. As a result, it demanded minimal time investment from the SAP team at Roy Hill, which was already under significant time pressure. Within 48 hours of connecting the SAP configuration data to Panaya, the team at Roy Hill had access to:

  • A machine generated test plan, based on change risk & impact analysis
  • Code quality assessment for all proposed changes
  • Recommended code corrections based on business process impact, security, compliance
    and performance metrics

Change Impact Analysis
Immediate visibility into impacted objects and their respective production usage.

Test Plan Creation
Risk-based testing plans that define
the right coverage required to
address the risk.

Code Quality Assessment
Real time code review and suggested
fixes based on pre-defined
ABAP standards.


By leveraging Panaya RDx, Roy Hill was able to go live on time with no reported issues. Thanks to Panaya RDx, Roy Hill was able to:

  • Reduce testing effort by 70%
  • Cut down number of planned testing activities from 416 to 89

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