EFS Accelerates Testing by 50% With Panaya

Etablissement Français du Sang

Etablissement Français du Sang (EFS), a semipublic subsidiary of the French Ministry of Health, is the only civilian blood transfusion organization in France. It treats over 1 million patients each year and present in 153 permanent collection venues and 40,000 mobile collections.


“Compared with the Excel-based test management we practiced before Panaya, I can now attest to a 50% re-use and time saving.”

The Challenge

The EFS Management Information System (MIS) department routinely executes several vendor and business driven testing projects every year. The team needed a tool to manage all their testing activities. Additionally, the organization was embarking on an ongoing project to consolidate some of the operational regions.

EFS MIS did not have a test management solution to support this major event. Some of the processes were quite complex, impacting tens of SAP modules and up to 30 functional testers (out of the hundred Panaya users).

EFS MIS needed to better control the testing of changes on the SAP system and any software that interfaces with the relevant modules.

Functional Test Management & Strategy

At EFS Management Information System department, there is no dedicated testing team. Depending on the project, a different MIS team member assumes responsibility and owns all aspects of the project, including testing. Testing strategy (coverage, timeframe, key users) is decided on a per-project basis, which is extremely time-consuming.

The Solution

EFS Management Information System department evaluated Panaya Test Dynamix for centralized test management and saw the potential for increased visibility, standardization and control in meeting their challenges. “Panaya Test Dynamix provides me with real-time visibility and tracking of all testing stages, the results, and the defects, as well as workflow management,” said Ms. Phuong Vo Vinh, SAP Applications Project Manager, Etablissement Français du Sang (EFS).

Panaya Test Dynamix enables EFS project managers to monitor progress, using a detailed dashboard and standard reports. The system also enables seamless communication and collaboration between globally dispersed testers and developers. “This process optimization and efficiency were all new to EFS,” adds Ms. Vo Vinh.

As a semipublic organization, some of EFS business processes are subject to a number of annual external audits. With Panaya Test Dynamix, automatically generated test evidence ensures on-demand audit compliance, saving precious time and effort.

The Results

We see an overall acceleration in testing,” says Ms. Vo Vinh. “Taking the time to create our test plan with Panaya Test Dynamix definitely paid off at the end, because we can now easily repurpose it for other testing projects,” she adds.

Ms. Vo Vinh believes testing acceleration is also due to higher user adoption. “Our key business users are focused on their daily activities. They are not technical testers,” she says. “We trained them once on using Panaya and now there is less effort put into email communications around testing requests,” she adds. “The project manager schedules and monitors the workflow on a dashboard and the system notifies key users when it’s their turn to test.”

Ms. Vo Vinh counts traceability and test-evidence as well as security and regulatory measures as key benefits of using Panaya Test Dynamix. “With Panaya, we can go on our daily business, confident that our production system is always audit-ready,” says Ms. Vo Vinh. “More and more of our business users are now Panaya users.” says Ms. Vo Vinh. “Panaya has improved our methods and efficiency. It is now a fundamental tool for the team. My manager wants to extend the use of Panaya Test Dynamix to all testing projects in our organization,” she adds.

The Bottom Line

Using Panaya Test Dynamix, Etablissement Français du Sang was able to reduce testing delays by 50%, improve methods and efficiency and be audit-ready at all times. Starting with just a few businessdriven SAP projects, EFS now plans to extend the use of Panaya to all testing projects. “Compared with the Excel-based test management we practiced before Panaya, I can now attest to a 50% re-use and time saving,” says Ms. Vo Vinh.

Change with Confidence

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