SAP Business Innovation Projects

Boost the pace of your business with true BizDevOps capabilities.

Deliver Innovation and Business Value Faster and Without the Risk

Seize control over business-driven ERP application changes, while reducing scope, risk, and time, by seeing the real-time impact of changes early in your DevOps lifecycle.

Align your business and IT teams effectively using a single SaaS platform.

Key Benefits

reduce risk
reduce risk

Go-Live Risk

Know exactly what to test based on the real impact of your SAP transports


Deliver Business
Value Faster

Shorten your release cycles by adding agility to your development and testing processes

migration analysis icon
migration analysis icon

Your Scope

Rightsize your testing scope to save both time and effort based on your actual code & usage

dependency icon
dependency icon

Real-time Control
& Visibility

Gain visibility over your progress and collaborate efficiently even when working remotely

Key Features

Detailed Risk Cockpit

Visualize the scope of upcoming releases as well as overall risk to SAP change implementation based on dev, test, governance, and risk.

Risk Cockpit

Change Impact Analysis

Gain real-time visibility into impacted objects, their respective production usage, and test coverage score.

Business Process Risk Analysis

Understand any business process’s impact by mapping any impact entry point within your test library to optimize your regression cycle.

Automatically Generated Risk-based Test Plans

Optimize test coverage based on existing test libraries to address all your total risk, based on impacted transactions. Find gaps in your current test plans and automatically generate new tests.

Business Process-centric Test Management Platform Designed for SAP

Get real-time visibility into your regression and UAT testing cycles. Control each aspect of your testing, with built-in collaboration and documentation, closed-loop defect management, and real-time customized dashboards, explicitly designed for SAP testing.

business process-centric Test management

Our Portfolio

Panaya RDx Pro

Get real-time insights with change impact, transport remediation, and collaborative testing tools all in one place.

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Change with Confidence

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