Case Study

Oerlikon Choses Panaya Test Dynamix
for an SAP Implementation and
Rollout Project

Oerlikon, a leading global technology and engineering group, operates its business in two segments – Surface Solutions and Manmade Fibers – and has a global footprint of around 11 000 employees at 182 locations in 37 countries. In 2019, Oerlikon generated CHF 2.6 billion in sales and invested more than CHF 120 million in R&D.


Oerlikon is on a 5-year project to transition its ERP system, aggregating that of multiple small businesses, from Vision to SAP.

This implementation involves challenges on both the IT and Business sides. The release cadence planned for this mega project was ambitious. On smaller projects, ERP testing at Oerlikon was managed using Excel. Oerlikon now needed to find a way to bring testing to the fore across all business departments in its organization. “We looked for speed.” Said Michel Bucher, Global SAP Implementation Project Manager at Oerlikon. “It had to be ready in less than a week.


“I truly believe that without Panaya, we couldn’t have been in a situation where we consistently meet our go-live dates as planned, especially during the Coronavirus outbreak.”

Michel Bucher
Global SAP Implementation Manager, Oerlikon


Oerlikon reviewed  HP ALM, IBM rational and SAP Solution Manager before choosing Panaya’s test management solution, Test Dynamix.

Oerlikon needed a simple to use tool with ‘zero administration’ that is friendly to non-technical users. Panaya Test Dynamix was a natural choice. Oerlikon was excited about the opportunity to automate some of its testing practices, such as effortlessly capturing test evidence. Being a SaaS solution, Panaya provided Oerlikon with the flexibility to work in geographically dispersed teams. Oerlikon was able to add or reduce users as needed, on different steps of the project.


Oerlikon is now able to run multiple change projects in parallel and has four to five of them go-live every six months. “We have testers all over the world, I truly believe that without Panaya, we wouldn’t have been in a situation where we consistently meet our go-live dates as planned,” said Michel Bucher

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