Asahi Glass Company

Moving from Excel to Centralized Test Management


AGC (Asahi Glass Company) is a Japanese global glass manufacturing company. Headquartered in Tokyo, AGC is the largest glass company in the world and one of the core Mitsubishi companies.


“Testing isn’t chaotic anymore. Testers can concentrate on testing rather than logistics. Thanks to Panaya, we are more efficient and manage to accomplish more testing with less people.”

The Challenge

AGC needed a tool to streamline its testing and improve coordination, collaboration and documentation.

The Solution

Guy developed a winning User Acceptance Testing (UAT) methodology for passing the baton from one tester to the next, using Panaya Test Dynamix – a centralized work-flow based solution.

The Results

Moving from manually and individually managed tools such as Excel files and whiteboards to centralized test management that enables an integrated view of progress, Guy was able to eliminate workflow chaos, give testers control of the process and increase efficiency by allowing them to concentrate on testing rather than on logistics.

AGC has managed to deploy and gain user adoption not only for a new centralized testing solution but also for a completely new methodology that involved cross-team collaboration of multiple stakeholders. This methodology now enables ACG to complete a lot more testing while engaging fewer testers.


Change with Confidence

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