Grupo Bimbo

Multinational Food Conglomerate Chooses Panaya for
Massive Oracle Cloud Migration Testing

Grupo Bimbo

With more than 139 thousand employees and $17.8 billion in sales, Mexico-based Grupo Bimbo is a leader in the global baked goods industry. Grupo Bimbo operates globally in nearly 200 production facilities and 1,600 sales centers across 33 countries.

grupo bimbo

“Without Panaya, such a project would be extremely hard, especially now with COVID, that people have to work from their homes.”

The Challenge

Grupo Bimbo undertook a massive three-year Oracle cloud migration project, encompassing 52 facilities in three countries, three different lines of business, 11 testing cycles, and thousands of employees – not to mention hundreds of migration consultants, users, managers, testers and others.

Testing was a crucial element of Grupo Bimbo’s cloud migration. Yet the company was challenged to orchestrate a project of this scope with their existing Oracle sheets solution. They needed a scalable solution that could consolidate all testing, users, defects, and progress in one place – offering optimal visibility and end-to-end control over the project.

“We used Panaya to automatically collect test evidence, and it gives us control over the process, wherever we are.”

The Solution

Grupo Bimbo chose Panaya to manage, control, and gain visibility over the entire cloud migration testing process. Panaya was first rolled out as the company’s testing management platform for the cloud migration pilot in Argentina, and was fully deployed, including user training, within just one week. Following this success, Grupo Bimbo chose to extend Panaya’s role to encompass the entire global project.

The Results

With Panaya, Grupo Bimbo lowered their testing time by approximately 50%. The project ran more smoothly owing to enthusiastic user adoption and widespread tester satisfaction. Panaya enabled Grupo Bimbo to save valuable time for testers with features like automatic documentation generation, and eliminated confusing and time-consuming practices like screenshotting.

“Panaya gives us control over testing, offers online reports, and delivers complete visibility of activities – who is progressing as planned and who is not. This means I can resolve problems in testing in real-time.”

Change with Confidence

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