Risk-Free ECC EHP/SPS Upgrades

Save Over 50% of Project Time & Resources


Eliminating the Risk of ECC EHP/SPS Upgrades

Panaya guides you through every step of your ECC EHP and SPS upgrades. Reduce cost and effort by half while eliminating your business risk. Automatically plan, scope, prioritize, and test all your ECC changes to guarantee risk-free go-live.

Key Benefits

Eliminate Upgrade

See exactly What will break, What to fix, and What to test

Save Over 50% of Project Time & Resources

Scope based on your actual code and usage to fix and test only what really matters

Gain Visibility Over Every Aspect of Your Project

Proactively control your upgrade and team progress with real-time insight into each step


Kickoff your project in 48 hours with a ready-to-execute plan on an easy-to-use SaaS solution

Key Features

Panaya Patented Impact Analysis for EHP/SPS Upgrades

Gain immediate insight into your impacted objects and their respective production usage, test coverage, defects, and correction tasks, with real-time progress visibility and actionable reporting – all made accessible in one SaaS platform.

SAP Risk Cockpit

Automatic Scoping

Define the optimal correction and test coverage based on your customization and usage.

Automatic Scoping - SAP

Test Management Platform Designed for SAP

Get real-time visibility into your functional, regression, and UAT testing cycles. Control each aspect of your testing, with built-in collaboration and documentation, closed-loop defect management, and real-time customized dashboards, designed explicitly for SAP testing.

business process-centric Test management

Change with Confidence

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