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See How Our Customers Use Panaya to Accelerate Applications’ Change

“Overall, our tests are much better today than ever they were before Panaya. They are more detailed, more structured, more scenarios are covered, and they are more targeted to our businesses”
“Panaya is a real “game changer” that helped us solve all the problems!”
“We always relied on Panaya for our large projects. It brings numerous acceleration opportunities. It is ideal as project cockpit due to the complexity, diversity and global coverage of our business.”
“Panaya worked like a charm!”
“Panaya helps us see the impact of every change that we need to apply in our Oracle ERP, and to avoid the risk that they can introduce”
“If I can’t do it with Panaya, I will not accept the job”
“From enabling automatic code corrections to facilitating fast and efficient change impact analysis, Panaya has proven to be an invaluable partner”
“Panaya and Inetum played a pivotal role in our seamless SAP S/4HANA migration, enabling us to reduce the project scope by more than 70% and automate over 50% of the custom code corrections.”
“We probably would have had to pull some super heroic act to make it without Panaya”
“As we add more business processes and functionalities to our Salesforce systems, it’s crucial to understand the impact they bring to existing applications and processes. Doing this manually is time-consuming and labor-intensive. With Panaya ForeSight, we’ve completely automated impact analysis, accelerating our Salesforce deliveries.”
“With Panaya ForeSight, we’re better equipped to both understand and continually develop our Salesforce org. It not only assists us in easily identifying and safely removing unused components and processes, saving us plenty of research time, but also makes the onboarding of new team members much smoother.”
“We saw a quick win in rollout, utilizing Panaya’s comprehensive support for the cutover process, and increased quality in our global SAP solution delivery”
“We call Panaya our secret weapon for success!”
“Panaya helped us significantly reduce the time and effort required for testing, which allowed us to focus on delivering high-quality software faster.”
“Panaya delivered its promised value, enabling us to assess the impact of new configurations in advance, and we rapidly exceeded our business expectations.”
“Panaya is an essential tool for anyone starting a new role in Salesforce. It is valuable when joining a new company or working with colleagues and is a must-have for any Salesforce professional.”
“We needed to produce documentation, but didn’t know where to start. Without proper documentation it was impossible to move forward and keep improving the system. It was also challenging to understand what has happened when something went wrong.”
“Panaya’s testing tools seamlessly support integration of workflows across our global network of applications and systems.”
“Tasks that could have required a whole month of planning and discovery are now accomplished with just a few clicks using Panaya ForeSight. It empowers us to work efficiently and confidently, minimizing unnecessary risks.”
Panaya’s solution proved to be instrumental in mitigating risks and ensuring a successful transition, allowing us to maintain operational excellence during the upgrade.
“The time required to run an analysis and conduct thorough assessments upfront significantly reduces the disruption to our business. This means our sales teams can focus on hitting revenue targets instead of fighting system deficiencies.”
What we liked most about Panaya is that is that it allows us to do the upgrades and saves us about 40% of the time and cost which allows us to do more projects in half the time.
“There are times when I suddenly realize that something strange is happening in the Salesforce system and I just don’t know why. But with Panaya ForeSight it’s just so easy to determine the cause behind such changes”
Panaya has helped us to store so much information in only one Feature: functional requirements, development assignment, approval, testing & follow-up. A newcomer can easily check on the Features per functionality that has been developed so far to get up to speed. We have definitely saved time-solving defects thanks to the testing capture functionality & by user assignments of testing steps.
We had no idea what caused this problem, so we used ForeSight, and managed to locate the root cause of the issue in half an hour. Panaya saved us hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in timely revenue.
We chose Panaya because we looked for a way to have a complete view of our org metadata and identify where we needed to dig further to validate change effects. We wanted a user-friendly solution that could be easily adopted.
Panaya is just a better way of managing testing.
Panaya is so much more, but even the documentation capabilities alone are well worth the investment.
“If we had not [tested] with Panaya, we probably would’ve spent 70% more time, and money both.”
Our work became more efficient as we could take full advantage of everybody’s working day across multiple time zones… Whenever a defect or bottleneck is detected anywhere, we can react to it quickly. All of which means we are able to complete testing in a relatively short period of time – something we could not have done without Panaya.
Continued effective use of Panaya will contribute to an IT evolution that successfully achieves DX.
I know that there is always a chance that incidents may happen in Salesforce, you take risks, and you move forward. But Foresight is the one tool that helps us mitigate these risks and ensure that we are not breaking any existing functionality while delivering new functionality at pace.
It was incredibly helpful to be able to manage all the data on Panaya Test Dynamix: from compiling, reporting, understanding the current status, and thinking of corrective measures.
Panaya’s progress and error reporting are so easy, the dashboards give me all the information I need in real-time.
With Panaya, you don’t spend time emailing back and forth with the tester to get additional information. Once the defect is resolved, the tester is notified by Panaya that the issue is resolved and ready for them to retest.
I truly believe that without Panaya, we couldn’t have been in a situation where we consistently meet our go-live dates as planned, especially during the Coronavirus outbreak.
Prior to Panaya, obtaining metrics on testing was largely impossible. This new visibility reduces risk,” she adds. “Assurance that there were no ‘Priority 1’ issues open via tracking allowed the team to go live with confidence
I feel like I have an information platform which is able to provide me the right information to make decisions.
With Panaya we were not only on time, we were were early with our ERP releases and cost effective.
Panaya was very valuable at figuring what objects will break and what to do to fix them.
If you want to reach 100 % failure-free upgrades, then I recommend you use Panaya.
Agropur saved 45% on outsourcing, 50% on unit testing, 30% on project duration, and went live on time, and under-budget.
Panaya Test Dynamix is great. We have a lot of flexibility to play with scripts; workflow is simple, and no other tool provides impact analysis within SAP. I’m truly sold on the tool
Panaya’s system-wide defect tracking is so smooth, we use it to communicate with developers,testers, users and even external applications partners.
We reached out to Panaya to run their Machine Learning Engine for Change Impact and Risk Analysis [Release Dynamix] to help give us a more accurate report as to what really needs to be tested
Panaya lowers the risk inherent in Oracle EBS patching projects.
Thanks to Panaya, we now have the visibility of what ERP changes we need to test
Panaya told us, ‘Here is your data, and here are the steps you’ll need to take.’ We also gained visibility at every stage, as a result Panaya became key to our ERP change projects.
Panaya provided a high ROI for our Oracle EBS R12 upgrade.
Panaya Test Dynamix helps us keep track of all testing activities.
Panaya enabled us to plan and monitor the entire EHP7 project. My team of consultants and developers were able to track their tasks from one centralized dashboard. We all saw of our progress in real time.
Panaya provided an important solution for Trombini, offering assertive and reliable tools with a high return on investment.
The bottom line – we went live with zero critical issues.
Panaya gives me a complete snapshot of our testing in real-time with a userfriendly dashboard look and feel.
With Panaya I have dashboards and monitors. It’s already there and I get visibility into what [test] was run and the status. Thanks to Panaya, I had much better visibility and peace of mind.
By working with Panaya, Hillarys completed a three-year process in less than six months.
We needed a high level of automation and seamless collaboration between headquarters and offshore teams to accelerate testing.
Testing isn’t chaotic anymore. Testers can concentrate on testing rather than logistics. Thanks to Panaya, we are more efficient and manage to accomplish more testing with less people.
Prior to Panaya, obtaining metrics on testing was largely impossible. This new visibility reduces risk,” she adds. “Assurance that there were no ‘Priority 1’ issues open via tracking allowed the team to go live with confidence.
Compared with the Excel-based test management we practiced before Panaya, I can now attest to a 50% re-use and time saving.
Panaya RDx was a key factor of success to our SAP S/4HANA migration. Going forward, we will use Panaya to manage all of our SAP® changes.
Use Panaya! It will tell you exactly where to invest testing efforts. When we got to unit testing, we had already addressed all high level issues.
By automatically capturing screens and linking them to the test steps, we probably save 50% of our test time per test. As a result of the time savings, we’ve been able to work on projects that we wouldn’t be able to otherwise.
Panaya was a perfect fit for us. I love being able to rerun scripts – it is a knowledge repository.
With the support of Panaya’s solution we were able to import many references into the system. We hadn’t done anything on this scale before. By performing it this way, we were able to ensure an overall better quality of the SAP system – even beyond the upgrade.
Panaya enabled a fast EHP upgrade that reduced our risk and was critical to our HANA migration.
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