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With Panaya, you see the impact of any SAP change before you make it, and navigate confidently to risk-free go-live.

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The Innovation

Making changes to our SAP, like EHP upgrades, rollouts and S/4HANA migrations is an absolute must. But these systems touch every part of our business and form a tangled web of dependencies, leaving zero margin for error. So we’re stuck. We need to continuously innovate our SAP, but how do we do so without risking serious damage to our critical business processes?

Make Changes
to Your SAP with Confidence

Panaya’s Change Intelligence platform lets you navigate through any change with complete confidence. From business innovation to S/4HANA migration, Panaya shows you how changes will impact your system before you make them, and safely guides you through each step, all the way to go-live.

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Safely navigate your S/4HANA journey by seeing the business impact of changes before you make them. Confidently execute any step of your project, from assessment and preparation through system conversion, greenfield implementation, and S/4HANA version upgrades.

SAP Testing

Gain control and visibility of every aspect of your SAP functional testing with real-time insights across all testing cycles, to accelerate risk-free go live. And with a business process-centered approach designed specifically for SAP, risk-based testing and test automation, you ensure the most efficient and effective testing possible.

Business Innovation Projects

See the impact of innovation projects in real-time to deliver business value faster, without the risk. And with insight into what truly matters, you reduce scope and testing time while releasing changes to production quickly and safely.

ECC/EHP Upgrades

Panaya guides you through every step of ECC, EHP and SPS upgrades – reducing costs and effort by half while eliminating business risk – automatically planing, scoping, prioritizing, and testing all your ECC changes to guarantee risk-free go-live.

Hear From
Our customers

“I would definitely recommend our colleagues to use it because I think this is the next step for us moving forward as a company”

What we liked most about Panaya is that  is that it allows us to do the upgrades and saves us about 40% of the time and cost which allows us to do more projects in half the time.

“With Panaya, you don’t spend time emailing back and forth with the tester to get additional information. Once the defect is resolved, the tester is notified by Panaya that the issue is resolved and ready for them to retest.”

“Thanks to Panaya, project planning was so accurate, we were able to assign tests even before corrections.”


“Prior to Panaya, obtaining metrics on testing was largely impossible. This new visibility reduces risk,” she adds. “Assurance that there were no ‘Priority 1’ issues open via tracking allowed the team to go live with confidence”

Panaya Helped Oerlikon
Change Their SAP
with Confidence

“I truly believe that without Panaya, we couldn’t have been in a situation where we consistently meet our go-live dates as planned, especially during the Coronavirus outbreak.”

Michel Bucher, Global SAP Implementation Manager, Oerlikon

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Change with Confidence

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