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Control and Streamline Your Functional Testing Cycles Wherever You Are

Gain control and visibility of every aspect of your SAP functional, system integration, regression and UAT testing, with real-time insights across all testing cycles, to accelerate risk-free go live. And with a business process-centered approach designed specifically for SAP, risk-based testing and test automation, you ensure the most efficient and effective large-scale testing possible.

Specific Solutions to Specific Challenges

With SAP ERP testing holding unique challenges, you need a dedicated solution with all test management and execution capabilities in a single place.  Panaya is the #1 solution for remote ERP testing projects, making it easy for business and IT professionals to collaborate and control their testing in real-time, wherever they are.

Key Benefits


Gain real-time control over test progress, defects, and users, and take immediate corrective actions

85% Faster
Test Cycles

Cut down project duration by actively solving bottlenecks & eliminating idle time

Risk-Based Optimal Testing Scope

Optimize test planning & execution based on change impact analysis coupled with real usage.

Unparalleled Remote Testing Efficiency

Make it easy for your global teams to manage and execute testing as if they were across the hall

Key Features

Progress Visibility and Real-Time Actionable Insights

Intuitive, customized, and personal dashboards offer real-time actionable insights into requirements, test cycles progress, defects resolution, and user activities or workload.

Oracle and SAP Testing Dashboard

Business Process-Centric Test Planning and Execution

Panaya mirrors end-to-end business process activities in a unique and intuitive sequence of steps, each assigned to a specific user. Facilitate remote collaboration between your cross-functional and globally dispersed team within the business process and control the full execution at the step or business process level.

Business Process SAP testing

Built-in Collaboration

“Pass the baton” with complex business scenarios that involve multiple testers. Automatically notify testers when it is their turn to take part in business process testing, so they know precisely when to test, what to test, and what data to use. Enable continuous collaboration between stakeholders via automatic notifications, comments, and mentioning capabilities.

Collaboration in SAP testing

Automatically Standardized Documentation

Save valuable time by automatically capturing every step in the application while testing (activities and screenshots). Panaya audit-ready test evidence enables compliance with internal and external quality standards.

SAP testing GUI Evidence

Holistic Defects Management

Auto-generated test and defect documentation  Eliminate back-and-forth communication between testers and developers. Defects are easy to reproduce.  Closed-loop defect resolution for maximum quality – We automatically notify testers to re-test after resolution, so every resolved defect is closed by the ones who opened it. Our uniqueSystem-Wide Defect” capability anticipates the influence of a defect on future tests, allowing you to prevent defects inflation.

Defect Management

Leverage the #1 SAP Test Management Platform to Scale Your Test Automation to Another Level

A complete solution that boosts your functional testing in a simple, fast, and efficient way, unifying manual and automated testing in one place.

Panaya Worksoft Integration

Our Product Portfolio

Test Dynamix

Test smarter, faster and at scale with an intuitive SaaS Test Management Platform purpose-built for end-to-end ERP testing.

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Panaya Test Dynamix and Worksoft
Integrated Solutions

Best of breed ERP Test Management meets the leading Test Automation platform.

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