Bruker Choses Panaya Test Dynamix for an
SAP Implementation and Rollout Project


Bruker is one of the world’s leading analytical instrumentation companies. Bruker’s high-performance scientific instruments and high-value analytical and diagnostic solutions enable scientists to explore life and materials at molecular, cellular and microscopic levels. Today, worldwide more than 6,000 employees are working on this permanent challenge at over 90 locations on all continents.


“Prior to Panaya, obtaining metrics on testing was largely impossible. This new visibility reduces risk,” she adds. “Assurance that there were no ‘Priority 1’ issues open via tracking allowed the team to go live with confidence”

The Challenge

As part of an overall Operational Excellence initiative, Bruker continued the rollout of a harmonized ERP template. The project entailed a phased rollout, country by country, of this template. The schedule meant that if one project was delayed; the next country was immediately impacted. Effective user acceptance testing (UAT) is a critical success factor in keeping to the implementation schedule. Initially, two different approaches were employed to monitor and complete testing:

  1. An internally developed solution, which was built on an SAP tool
  2. A combination of Microsoft Office SharePoint, Excel and Word

In both approaches, Bruker experienced challenges:

  • Limited to no reporting capabilities
  • No workflow. The only way to inform the next person of their turn to test was to call or email them
  • No easy feedback loop for reporting and fixing defects between testers and developers
  • No straightforward way to capture the business process used. Recreating the defect depended on testers’ description
  • The global ERP program leadership needed a centralized, easy-to-use Test Automation and Management Platform to plan, execute and monitor user acceptance testing. At this point, Panaya Test Dynamix was introduced.


The Solution

Panaya Test Dynamix (TDx) was deployed in preparation of the selected country roll out. Bruker assigned one full time administrator and a back-up Admin. A few sponsors and extended team members were also engaged.

User Buy-in

To-date, 166 users across 5 UAT cycles have used Panaya TDx during their country roll out project. A survey conducted for each UAT completion garnered highly positive feedback. Users stated they would like to continue to use Panaya TDx for any future testing. Users pointed out Panaya TDx’s ease of use.

Winning Functionality

he feature that was most valued by Bruker was test evidence automation. Bruker users can save time by automatically capturing test execution as they document planned tests. Effortless documentation is then used as audit-ready test evidence, as well as defect resolution.

Thanks to Panaya’s actionable real-time dashboards, test managers were able to identify bottlenecks throughout the testing process, as well as those “show stopper” defects.

The Results

Test Acceleration

With Panaya TDx, Test cycle time was reduced by 25%. All stakeholders at Bruker are now able to see SAP business process testing from start to finish. With realtime monitoring, UAT was completed according to project deadlines. The visibility achieved allows all global stakeholders to understand open issues and defects. IT and business leadership can easily make an informed decision on what defects, if any, are critical to close in order to achieve an as-planned go-live.

Risk Management

The Defects Management dashboard provides all the necessary information at a glance. Testing and application managers can easily tell where issues stem from. The technical teams can then quickly review and resolve.

Other results of the Panaya TDx deployment include:

  • Standardized test scripts that match the implemented functionality
  • Consistent testing for each go-live
  • Consistent, centrally available test documentation
  • Quicker audit review

The Bottom Line

With over 20 implementations, Bruker’s critical ERP program, is now well under way. The implementation is being helped by an accelerated, repeatable UAT process with higher level of release certainty made possible by Panaya TDx, the only engineered-for-SAP, end-to-end business-process validation solution.

Pam Brown recaps: “We loved Panaya TDx for its collaboration features. It is a user friendly, cloud based solution that offers easily repeatable test scenarios between similar projects.” “We would recommend it to any other organization running SAP,” she adds.

Change with Confidence

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