Accelerate change and deliver

a safe, high-quality
financial experience

Empower your digital transformation and gain the agility to meet change and innovation, react quickly to regulatory changes, and give your customers peace of mind and exceptional service.

Maximizing Financial Agility through Data-Driven Insights

In today’s financial world, customers expect service providers to rapidly respond to their needs, while providing the highest standard of safety and compliance. Across every customer transaction, regulatory report, and strategic investment decision, absolute accuracy is crucial.

Redefining Risk Management: Discover the Power of Panaya

With Panaya’s SaaS platform, you can map every aspect of your Enterprise application (SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, ServiceNow, etc), and efficiently manage processes and risks through centralized, data-driven insights. Panaya empowers you to accelerate your digital transformation and gain the agility you need to lead change and innovation that build loyalty and drive growth.


Develop faster, eliminate risk, and make informed decisions, by understanding the business impact of every change.


Streamline testing cycles and remove bottlenecks with a user-friendly dashboard and proactive notifications.


Get automatic, understandable to support auditing throughout the complete requirement life cycle (requirement-test-defect).

How our solutions help our clients
overcome challenges

Meeting regulatory requirements and ensuring customer satisfaction are top priorities for FXCM.

“As a company that provides innovative trading tools, FXCM needs to be able to quickly adapt to regulatory changes while ensuring we provide great customer experience. Panaya ForeSight has allowed FXCM to mitigate unintended consequences on existing processes and configurations while pursuing our implementation goals.”

Willie Townes | Managing Director, FXCM

Change with Confidence

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