Oracle EBS Upgrade
Impact Analysis

An Impact Simulation of Your Next Oracle EBS
Upgrade Project Within 48 Hours

The Challenges of Oracle Upgrades

Your challenge is knowing what will break as a result of your EBS upgrade – well ahead of time. For example, how do you migrate your custom objects to the latest version? How do you ensure compatibility with online patches? Panaya can help you prioritize tests and corrections to minimize your efforts.

How Panaya Can Help

Panaya delivers a clear-cut upgrade project plan within 48 hours, based on your landscape health check, to help you efficiently plan your upgrade to the latest Oracle EBS release.

Panaya’s machine learning simulates change impact based on your customization and usage mapping. We deliver a scoped and prioritized corrections list and a test plan that minimizes risk. Panaya identifies more impacted components than any other solution on the market.

Minimize system downtime during the upgrade. Accelerate functional testing, while ensuring uncompromising quality, with Panaya’s defect management and test execution.

See For Yourself


Include correction and testing activities, quantifiable effort estimations prioritized by risk


Automatically identify all impacted custom objects for compliance with R12.2 standards » Assign or retire customizations » Prioritize correction activities by category and type


Correction task includes annotated impacted code, suggested fix and respective test


Enables the capturing of objects in a single click which can be reused for codeless automation (Include Oracle ERP Cloud)


For quick and efficient release cycles, reduced duplication of defects and more efficient project timelines


Real time visibility into test cycle execution with detailed reports on status, defects and completion


Oracle Upgrade Solution

Manage and Accelerate Test Execution with Full Traceability

Project Plan

Corrections Plan

Collaborative Workflow – Fix & Test

Record & Play

Smart Defect Management

Test Cycles Dashboard

Change the Way You Change!