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Panaya’s solutions power the automotive industry

Whether you are a car manufacturer, a dealer, or a parts supplier, make sure to change and test with confidence. To accelerate without any business disruption, keep agile, make the right turns and identify potential risks.

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On the track to digital transformation

In today’s dynamic landscape, customer demands have pushed automakers to reevaluate their approaches and embrace digital solutions to stay ahead. The integration of information and interactivity has become crucial, despite the rising costs and complexities involved. Automotive enterprises have long utilized information technology to enhance productivity, efficiency, and supply chain optimization. But what happens when customer expectations become more demanding? To thrive in this evolving landscape, automakers must respond proactively by innovating and growing in new directions.

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Driving Automotive Excellence with Panaya

Panaya’s innovative technology provides a comprehensive platform that enables automakers to streamline the change management process and ensure successful testing and implementation. By automating the analysis of system changes, Panaya helps identify potential risks, dependencies, and impacts on critical business processes. This allows automotive enterprises to proactively plan and mitigate any potential issues before deploying changes, saving valuable time and resources.

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Smart Testing Icon
Smart Testing Icon

Save Time & Costs

Cut project timelines and budget by 50%.
Reduce code remediation and testing scope based on priority and sage.

Built-In Collaboration Tools Icon
Built-In Collaboration Tools Icon

Built-In Collaboration Tools

Eliminate idle time and relieve workload bottlenecks. Ensure optimal workflows with streamlined testing cycles, proactive notifications, and communication.

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Eliminate Risk Icon

Eliminate Risk

Preview how every potential change will play out across your entire ERP and CRM, ensuring one incorrectly formatted field won’t take down your global system.

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