Maximize Efficiency & Growth

with Panaya’s Solutions for Retail

React quickly to consumer and global scenarios in the retail market, by understanding the business impact of every change, with centralized, data-driven insights. Harness the power of AI to drive innovation and increase agility while minimizing business disruption

The New Face of Retail: Staying Ahead of the Game with Agile Solutions

The retail market has changed dramatically over the last few years, due to a shift in digital spending and the Covid-19 pandemic. To lead and stay up to date, retailers must be nimble and adjust quickly to external changes and shifts in customer behavior. They need to be proactive in driving innovation to capitalize on new consumer and global scenarios. Minor missteps and interdependencies pose a substantial risk, impacting various aspects ranging from fulfillment to inventory and warehouse management.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Panaya

Using Panaya, retailers can confidently deliver innovation, minimize risk, and eliminate uncertainties.  Panaya empowers you to accelerate your digital transformation and gain the agility needed to lead change that builds loyalty and boosts growth.

Save time and costs

Cut project timelines and budget by 50%, reduce code remediation and testing scope based on priority and sage.

Real-time visibility and actionable insights

Make faster, informed decisions and remove bottlenecks with a user-friendly dashboard and dynamic visualizations.

Eliminate Risk

Preview how every potential change will play out across your entire ERP and CRM, ensuring one incorrectly formatted field won’t take down your global system.

How our solutions help our clients
overcome challenges

By using Panaya Test Dynamix to automate corrections and test orchestration, Artizia shortened project duration and reduced business disruption by 54% on average.

“We saw tremendous value in using Panaya when it came to narrowing down our scope for the upgrade project. The project went live on time and under budget!”

RJ Caswell | Director of Business Applications, Aritzia

Using Panaya to ensure effective planning and execution, Hillarys could estimate time, effort, and risk to better understand their business case and determine project cost.

“By working with Panaya, Hillarys completed a three-year process in less than six months.”

Julian Bond | Head of ICT, Hillarys

With globally dispersed teams and frequent changes full visibility on its test cycles and efficient real-time communication saved Shiseido substantial time and money.

“Panaya is like a light in the darkness. We suddenly have the visibility of what we need to test and the confidence to share this with the business users.”

Sebastian Hebert | Technical Director, Shiseido

Change with Confidence

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