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Reduce up to 98% of your code correction efforts

Panaya’s Automatic Code Correction solution is the fastest, safest, and smartest option for S/4HANA and Business-Suite on HANA migrations. Automatic code corrections not only saves significant time and money, but also eliminates the risk of human errors. In addition, businesses gain real-time visibility to manage their corrections and related testing processes through real-time, customizable dashboards and notifications.

Key Benefits


Reduce Your Code Remediation Efforts by 98%

Save thousands of man-hours on analyzing, scoping, and correcting both tedious and extremely complex code issues

reduce risk
reduce risk

Eliminate Code Correction Risk

Avoid human errors with Panaya’s high-quality corrections, fully aligned to SAP best practices.


Gain Real-Time Visibility

Control your corrections and related testing progress with one SaaS collaborative platform. Proactively manage your project and eliminate bottlenecks.

Revolutionizing The World of Custom Code

Panaya’s enhanced Automatic Code Correction Solution stands out as the smartest and safest option for System Integrators and organizations looking to accelerate migration projects.

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Autopilot Your Code Remediation Phase

Get a full plan of your required code corrections in 48 hours and deploy both automatic and semi-automatic high-quality code remediation directly into your Dev system in a few clicks. Automate activities to prepare your authorization roles for S/4HANA.

Automatic Code Corrections Screen

Key Features

Intelligent Code Analysis:

See all your custom code risk upfront as part of an in-depth analysis spreading across custom and standard objects, covering 12 correction categories, and over 70 correction types.

Auto-Correction Code Comparison Tool:

Centrally control the remediation of your HANA DB, obsolete functions, cloned program and more in a single platform. Selectively review and validate code fix before mass deployment directly into your DEV system, or just deploy them in mass.

Automatic Test Coverage:

Take an agile approach to your correction phase while gaining optimal testing coverage, and initiate testing as soon as each correction is addressed. Panaya automatically correlates each code remediation with all needed unit tests, automatically generated by the platform.

Preparing Authorization Roles for S/4HANA:

Automate activities to prepare your authorization roles for S/4HANA, saving time on tedious work done by authorization experts.

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