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change is hard.

Interdependencies or small missteps can cause a giant disaster. We often have no way to see what’s coming. So we’re stuck manually filling spreadsheets that slow down progress and innovation while still leaving us open to risk. It’s time to rethink change, with intelligence.

Introducing: Change Intelligence

Now there’s a smarter way to change. Panaya maps every inch of your SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce landscape, so you finally understand the exact impact of every change. It then hands you change-by-change navigation, so you see what to fix, what to test, and how to test it. No more surprises. No more spreadsheets. No more fearing the worst. With Panaya, you embrace every change – big or small – quickly, safely, and with complete confidence.

here’s how it works.


Analyze all requirements, and build detailed plans to deliver them to production.


Understand the impact of every change, and analyze risk and conflict


See exactly what to test for complete coverage and optimal scoping


Manage defects and automate testing plans, then execute and track all tests

Go Live

Deliver changes continuously and confidently

a master of change

migration analysis icon
migration analysis icon

Migration Assessment
& Impact Analysis

Go to production without defects or risks and in a fraction of the time using ML-powered real-time dependencies analysis.

smart view icon
smart view icon

Smart View of Change
& Dependencies

Zero in on the root cause of issues from a single dashboard that shows you detailed reports, related project results and dynamic visualizations, so you take precise action faster.

Fix and Test icon
Fix and Test icon

See Exactly What to
Test and Fix

Check your changed code against existing code, and prioritize based on all the data inside your unique ecosystem, so you only test what actually needs testing and accelerate time to production.

automated testing icon
automated testing icon

Attended Automated

Preview multiple change scenarios and record changes as they play out for precise planning and effortless test evidence collection.

Change Confidently on
These Platforms

Panaya SaaS solutions for SAP ECC upgrades or S/4HANA migration based on real-time risk assessment enabling rapid planning and testing cycles.

Save cost, time and resources with real-time, pre-development impact analysis and risk-based testing for EBS upgrade, patching and customizations.

Transform from calculated guesswork to data-based decision making. Foresee the impact of every Salesforce change and resolve risk ahead of time.


Panaya Is a European Software Testing Awards Finalist

SAP Quality Awards – Hillarys Blinds, using Panaya, Achieves Recognition

Panaya Named Leading Testing Provider by TEST Magazine


dependency icon
dependency icon

Capture Complex

Always be innovating. Whether it’s a vendor upgrade, service pack or patch, Panaya accelerates delivery so you stay one step ahead of change.


Code Correct

Wave goodbye to hundreds of hours spent manually sifting through millions of lines of code, with code that’s corrected automatically.

reduce risk
reduce risk

“Go Live” Risk

Take risk out of the go live equation. See the impact of any change before you make it, know exactly what to fix and test, so you get changes right on the first try.

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