NGK Spark Plugs Upgraded to EHP6 With Zero Downtime Thanks to Panaya CloudQuality Suite

NGK is the world leader of spark plugs. The company makes spark plugs for virtually every automotive, motorcycle, marine and small engine application. NGK Spark Plugs maintains a presence in 17 nations around the world.

  • NGK Sparks was founded in 1936
  • The company maintains 14 factories in 8 countries
  • Their products are used by a majority of the world’s auto manufacturers


NGK Spark Plugs faced a major SAP upgrade – from EHP4 to EHP6:

  • The company had never performed an EHP upgrade
  • Status as OEM JIT supplier means NGK Sparks could not afford even one minute of downtime
  • Required EHP6 upgrade in order to stay current with satellite systems
spark plugs

“Panaya CloudQuality Suite™ was a perfect fit for us. I love being able to rerun scripts – it is a knowledge repository.”

Helen Winship,
SAP Business Systems Analyst


NGK Spark Plugs used Panaya CloudQuality Suite™ to reduce the risk of their SAP EHP6 upgrade:

  • Panaya Change Analytics was used to perform comprehensive scoping
  • Panaya Testing Accelerators covered NGK Sparks’ UAT and Business Analysis testing


NGK Sparks successfully upgraded to SAP EHP6:

  • Go-live beat all expectations
  • Risks were mitigated as errors were identified early in the remediation process
  • Panaya CloudQuality Suite™ gave NGK Sparks confidence in their testing

Bottom Line

NGK Sparks upgraded to EHP6 in 2½ months with zero downtime and without any major go-live issues.

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