Embry-Riddle Saves 90% of Time Performing UAT with
Panaya Patch Automation for Oracle EBS

Aeronautical University

Founded in 1925 and headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is the world’s largest and most respected aviation and aerospace university. The university has 150 campuses around the world and over 120,000 graduates.


“Thanks to Panaya, we all of a sudden have the visibility of what we need to test. We know the impact precisely, something we never knew in the past.”

The Challenge

Embry-Riddle was heading into their fiscal year-end when a problem with their fixed assets module caused a sub-ledger to be out of balance.

“Going into end of the fiscal year, I think you can appreciate the gravity of the situation,” explains Melissa Barrera, a Systems Analyst and a liaison to the business at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

“Normally, at this time of the year we would say, ‘Absolutely no patches,’ but this scenario had to be resolved. First, we found out we needed a consolidated assets patch from a few years ago that we knew nothing about. Then we found out we needed two more patches, while the third patch required yet another.”

The Solution

Normally, these are challenging activities, as the impact of EBS patches, big or small, is typically unknown. It is impossible to predict which processes will break, whether standard or custom EBS processes. This is a time consuming effort. IT and business users tend to make educated predictions as to what needs to be tested, but this was the best they could do; one doesn’t really know if they covered everything or if they’re testing something needlessly.

“As we were looking for solutions to make this process a lot more efficient, we learned about and subscribed to Panaya’s Patch Automation solution. The impact analysis tools are very useful – finally we had clear visibility, upfront, to the impact each and every patch would have on our system and processes.”

The Results

“The fiscal year closed as scheduled and in balance as a result; our small team successfully applied all 3 patches and I wanted to reach out and hug everyone at Panaya! We’ve been using Panaya’s Patch Automation ever since, with every EBS patch we’re considering deploying.”

“Panaya is like a light in the darkness. We all of a sudden have the visibility of what we need to test and the confidence that we can share this with the business users. We know the impact precisely, something we never knew in the past.”

Embry-Riddle saved 90% overall in Oracle EBS patches testing time.

Change with Confidence

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