The Smart Cure For Your

Healthcare and Life Science systems

Panaya reaches new levels of agility and innovation while meeting business demands, compliance regulations, and testing standards needed for medical devices and pharmaceutical companies’ complex ecosystems.

The Cure for a Healthy Transformational Journey

Modern healthcare organizations are looking for seamless, innovative solutions that meet business demands and empower their healthcare products and services. Panaya’s easy-to-use platform maps every inch of your SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce landscape so you can understand every change’s exact impact. Panaya provides change-by-change navigation to see what to fix, what to test, and how to test it.

Maximizing Value for Healthcare Providers

For highly regulated environments like healthcare and life science, Panaya makes it simpler to grow and innovate by providing automatic human-readable and audit-ready Test-Evidence to support auditing for the complete requirement life cycle.

Completely Compliant Icon
Completely Compliant Icon

Completely Compliant

Our unique recorder captures users’ interactions and screenshots for audit-ready test documentation that meets the strict compliance requirements companies are obliged to and allows full traceability.

Real Time Visibility Icon
Real Time Visibility Icon

Real-Time Visibility & Actionable Insights

Make informed decisions and remove testing bottlenecks with a user-friendly dashboard and notifications.

Eliminate Risk Icon
Eliminate Risk Icon

Change Intelligence

Eliminate risk and uncertain impact by harnessing AI power, to know exactly what (not) to test and optimize your testing cycles.

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