Real-Time Test Monitoring

Test Monitoring Removes the Bottlenecks of Change

Achieve Visibility and Efficiency with Actionable Real-Time Dashboards and Reports

To ensure that any change to a business application will function correctly at go-live, Panaya Test Dynamix provides test monitoring and business process-centric monitoring throughout the test lifecycle, including: planning, execution and evaluation.
With real-time visibility into test creation, planning, and assignment, as well as sequencing of execution, test managers have an always-up-to-date view on the quality of their business process testing.


  • Track business process testing from start to finish
  • Gain real-time test visibility and tracking with actionable metrics
  • Identify bottlenecks throughout the testing process
  • Send automated reminders to testers for overdue activities
  • Monitor test velocity to ensure realization of defined scope


  • Intuitive dashboards and reports help you track multiple test cycles, so you always have an up-to-date view into progress at the test and at the business process level.
  • Drill down view of charts shows which tests haven’t been covered and the steps which remain
UAT Planned vs actual
  • Monitor defects and manage overdue tests by proactively reassigning tests or sending reminders to relevant stakeholders.


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