Going ‘Back to The Future’ With Change Intelligence

Back to the future

It’s not uncommon for ‘change’ or ‘the speed of light’ to be cited as universal constants.

When it comes to leveling up and future-proofing your entire ERP or CRM, you want change implemented at the speed of light without the constant headache.

When the cartilage and business tissues that grow around core business anatomy bind together, pulling them apart to make changes can wreak havoc. 

You might say a major transformation of infrastructure is a project equivalent to major surgery. If we look to the near-future, robotics may take human error out of the surgery equation.

By gaining a glimpse into the future it is now possible to remove the pain and headache out of the ERP and CRM change management equation too.

“Wait a minute Doc, uh, are you telling me you built a time machine?”

In a word, yes. Though perhaps not the kind you’re thinking of.

As the mad scientist in each of us knows, a bona fide time machine requires breaking
the speed of light, disproving Einstein, and rewriting history to some degree. We’ll leave that to the wild-eyed hobbyists and bedroom physicists out there. We believe in you.

For now, imagine if—instead of strapping into a DeLorean and hitting the gas to 88mph—you could peer through a telescopic lens and accurately map out all the potholes and bumps on the road to a major ERP change implementation.

That’s exactly what we’ve built.

Great Scott, Marty! It Works! 

In Back to the Future, foresight proved invaluable as a means of managing risk to prevent disastrous outcomes.

In the same way, Panaya’s smart ERP Change Intelligence is placing the benefits of time travel at the fingertips of IT and business leaders. With Panaya Change Intelligence, implementing any major ERP change is risk-free—and all without a flux capacitor.

Instead, Panaya’s machine-learning algorithms provide deep insight on future outcomes of changes to business applications such as SAP®, Oracle® EBS, and Salesforce.com.

Cockpit Dashboard
Panaya’s S/4HANA Migration Cockpit

ERP & CRM Change Intelligence With an Eye to the Future

Let’s say some major vendor-driven or business-driven changes are due to your core SAP ERP or Oracle EBS systems. What will happen when you finally throw the switch?

The nightmare scenario you lose sleep over is a ‘loss of business continuity’ catastrophe. What if you inadvertently create the Frankenstein of all business problems?

Assign Panaya’s Change Intelligence Platform to the case and it will deliver a rich, detailed map of future outcomes and misalignments allowing immediate remediation and optimization.

Once you have uploaded all relevant metadata, Panaya will run an analysis on the planned initiative and provide insights in the format of a tailored project plan that answers these key questions:

“If I go ahead…

                  What will break and why?
                  What won’t break?
                  What do I need to fix?
                  What do I need to test?”

The perks of this future-scoping approach are more than just ‘nice-to-haves’—they’re paradigm-shifting. Your new-found ability to determine dependencies, accelerate testing, and maintain business continuity means a slashing of time investment, cost, and risk at around 50%.

Yes… half. Five zero percent. That’s almost like winning the lottery. If that’s not worth going to the future for, then I don’t know what is.

If you’ve already enjoyed some time-travel with Panaya Change Intelligence then get comfortable—there are many other places Panaya can take you.

why not do some exploring of your own to discover more of what we’re doing to take the pain, uncertainty, and cost out of business change.

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