Test Acceleration

Test Evidence Automation – Capture any test execution

Save Time by Automatically Capturing Test Execution

To deliver continuous quality assurance, organizations need an end-to-end testing solution that validates business processes, ensuring risk-free application delivery. With Panaya Test Dynamix, you save time by automatically capturing test execution as you document planned tests or via exploratory testing. Documentation can serve as audit-ready test evidence or as user guides. With everything documented at no effort, reduce the back and forth between developers and testers in defect resolution.


  • Eliminate idle time between testers (no screenshot capture, no back and forth emails or phone calls
  • Audit ready documentation ensures compliance with all internal and external quality standards
  • Quick and effective communication and notifications


Live Testers Worklist

Each business user or tester can access from anywhere in the project an up-to-date to do list as well as benefit from automatic notifications on what must be tested and when, eliminating idle time between testers.

 Panaya Test Recorder and Player

  • Test Evidence Automation: test recording generates detailed “on the fly,” audit-ready documentation of what has been tested, reusable for test reproduction or training purposes
  • Capture tests from any business application (SAP, Oracle, and web applications) in one click and with playback and interactive features within the Panaya player
  • Maintainable recordings via script editing

Collaborative Communication

Built-in communication for globally dispersed stakeholders enables quick and effective communication during test planning, test execution and defect resolution

Test Results Reporting

Ability to easily report and present test results to all stakeholders


Beyond Test Automation: Leave Nothing to Chance

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