Panaya’s Codeless Test Automation
for ERP & Cloud Business Applications

Key Benefits of Panaya’s Test Automation

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User-friendly codeless approach for non-technical people, for maximized resource efficiency.

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Specifically designed to support ERP and business applications, leveraging our unrivaled domain expertise.

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1 full native suite for a seamless end-to-end testing process.


Panaya Test Automation and Test Management are designed specifically for ERP & Cloud Business Packaged Applications, empowering companies to accelerate testing processes, optimize resources and embrace cloud technologies with a user-friendly SaaS solution.

Key Features of Panaya’s Test Automation

Smart Test Script Builder

  • Capture and automate your ERP & business applications processes effortlessly with real-time script editing capabilities.
  • Seamlessly combine pre-recorded components for ultimate automation power.
Smart Test Script Builder Screen

AI-Core Change Analysis

  • Reduce regression testing time and effort and get automation readiness insights to enrich your test automation repository.
  • Pinpoint the relevant automated tests to be run based on the changes you have made.
AI-Core Change Analysis

Component-Based Test Designer

  • Build testing process across applications, to match your real business process structure and enterprise landscape.
  • Drag & Drop script building using pre-recorded components.

Scheduled Automation

  • Create and manage your automation schedules easily within the same platform for maximum efficiency.
  • Proactively detect quality issues and tackle cloud application updates with scheduled regression tests and real-time notifications.

Detailed Execution Reports

  • Elevate automation analysis with intuitive side-by-side comparisons and smart visual analysis.
  • Report test automation defects and foster tester-developer collaboration on one unified platform.
Detailed Execution Reports

Change with Confidence

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