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David Binny, CEO

David brings to Panaya over 18 years of senior management experience in product management, technology, pre-sales and business strategy. David was holding the role of Panaya Chief Product Officer prior to his nomination as Panaya CEO. As Chief Product Officer he was responsible for all product management activities including: product strategy and direction, roadmaps, go to market strategy, pricing, and leading the global product house teams. Before joining Panaya, David held various senior positions at NICE including Head of Product Management for their Multi-Channel Recording and Voice Biometrics solutions. He previously served as Director of Product Management for NICE’s Big Data Customer Experience Analytics solutions, where he led innovation and go to market teams. Prior to that, he also held various pre-sales, engineering and technology leadership positions at NICE and RAD DataCommunications. David holds an MBA from the Tel-Aviv University and BSc in Computer Science from Open University in Tel-Aviv.

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