The Easy Way Out of HPQC

Panaya Test Dynamix is a better test management tool than Micro Focus HPQC. It is leaner. It also addresses the needs of business users, rather than just technical users.


Read this blog post to see how Next Generation Test Management can help you align test environments across the application life cycle. See where traditional testing solutions like the HPQC tool fail.


To be Agile, Test Early and Often

For enterprises, continuous testing is a key factor in the inevitable transition to Agile At Scale. A recent Forrester research report recommends automation of test design, execution, and orchestration; shifting all types of testing to the left (i.e., earlier in the development life cycle). For example, this means that testing needs would be defined as early on in the process as in the change request phase.


A Better Way

Have you ever said to yourself, ‘This can’t be right! There has to be a better way of doing this?’ If you are a test manager, chances are you’ve said it more than once. Using a test management solution like HPQC is like driving a giant SUV through a high street full of rickshaws. Sure, it’s robust, but will it be fast? Your testing project, like the high street, must accommodate different types of passengers: key users (pedestrians), developers (rickshaws) as well as experienced drivers (IT testers). Ignoring non-technical testers would be as conducive to your project as running all over some pedestrians would be to your SUV ride.


Where Does HP QC Fail?


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Where Does HP QC Fail?

Today’s test management solution giants like HP QC, meant to support QA and testing, tend to deliver technically-oriented user interface and experience, consistent with the IT side of testing, rendering it useless to the Business side of testing. The result is a test management tool that lacks key components like collaboration, business process centricity, documentation, visibility and automated process handling – all conducive to delivering application changes faster.


IT is Going Agile

Practices of digital transformation, continuous delivery and DevOps are all changing the way organizations manage application delivery. Change is becoming constant; it is increasingly driven by business objectives and requires IT to be more agile and deliver faster.


Connecting IT and the Business

To meet delivery with quality, IT and Business become inherently linked from defining the change through delivery and into production. All the while, the two must work together to enable the right changes without compromising business process quality. This partnership between IT and Business is where Quality Assurance (QA) extends from technical development and testing to business testing and validation.


Business Process Validation

With customer experience in the forefront of all businesses today, testing must support business process validation. Testing is no longer just about verifying that technical aspects of application changes work correctly (e.g., load and performance) but also, the validation of customer experience against business requirements. To accommodate this, testing solutions must mirror the way business is conducted in the real world, to ensure no glitches occur in production.


Agility for the Masses

Going back to our street analogy, to accelerate today’s business process testing, organizations need an agile and easy-to-use vehicle, not a monster truck.


According to a recent article on Techtarget, modern solutions help remove the bottlenecks inherent to testing with novel approaches to integration, collaboration, workflow, automation, etc. and deliver where traditional solutions have failed. Our new White Paper takes a closer look at areas where traditional test management tools like HPQC fail today.

Download the White Paper and learn how to select a testing tool that meets these requirements »

  • Supports today’s continual change delivery model
  • Enables the right changes without compromising business process quality
  • Extends Quality Assurance (QA) from technical development and testing to business process testing and validation


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