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Panaya ForeSight
Manage, Maintain and Debug your org

With ForeSight, Panaya’s Change Intelligence platform, you gain immediate X-RAY visibility to your Sandbox and Production orgs. ForeSight deeply analyzes your org’s metadata, instantly providing you with a visual dependencies mapping of your org’s structure. With these insights at hand, you can now easily plan any change, document, test, maintain and debug your org with minimum risk, and with no disruption to business users.

AI-Driven Clarity

ForeSight ExplAIn leverages the power of AI to provide you with effortless documentation, swift error resolution, and human-friendly explanations of the functionality behind your Salesforce customizations.
It allows you to save time and accelerate development by translating complex processes into simple language.

Hear From Our Customers

“With Panaya ForeSight, we’re better equipped to both understand and continually develop our Salesforce org. It not only assists us in easily identifying and safely removing unused components and processes, saving us plenty of research time, but also makes the onboarding of new team members much smoother.”

“Panaya has helped us to store so much information in only one Feature: functional requirements, development assignment, approval, testing & follow-up. A newcomer can easily check on the Features per functionality that has been developed so far to get up to speed.  We have definitely saved time solving defects thanks to the testing capture functionality & by user assignments of testing steps.”

“With Panaya ForeSight, we are able to completely automate impact analysis, and that is helping us reduce our lead time as well as proving more accurate details on what is the impact and reducing manual effort”

“World Courier use Panaya across our entire organization. We have used it to assist with large scale project deployment and for org migration analysis. We also use it for quick analysis of objects and fields to determine usage and review impact pre deployment into our production environment. Panaya provides the perfect risk impact analysis solution and the level of customer service support is outstanding.”

“Panaya has been a great tool to help us with the recent expansion of our CRM team – it accelerates the onboarding of new hires and gives them a good overview of our org early in the process. Looking forward to the future releases where customer feedback will continue to be factored in the direction.”


“For orgs, young or old, it is easy to never get the full picture when analyzing, testing, and developing components within your environment. Panaya provides a way to know what you should know and presents it in a way that allows for easy action. This tool has been essential for my organization’s evaluation of unused fields and more recently, our migration to Lightning… I would highly recommend this tool.”

“With our org being touched by many previous admins, when I started I had no idea where things were. It was taking average 30 min to 3 hrs sometimes to get my list of scopes to investigate. After using a demo for a week, I was able to quickly pull up what’s impacted and what needs to be look at in 5 seconds. “

Gain Control of Your Salesforce Org
With Panaya ForeSight

AI-Powered Documentation

Enhance your processes by generating detailed explanations that serve as instant documentation


Understand the full dependencies and path of impact for any new feature, ahead of time


Reduce technical debt for better Org performance and ensure governor limits are met


Quickly trace the source of any bug or issue
to fix it in no time!


Plan, manage and test CPQ configurations. Troubleshoot faults for quick release to production


View, Map, Document, and Test your automations as you manage your migration to Flows or optimize any automatic process


Optimize testing time and resources, while increasing accuracy and efficiency by testing only what is at risk


Stay on top of your org/s changes by receiving daily notifications and instant org comparisons

ForeSight Academy

ForeSight wants to ensure that you are fully equipped with the tools and expertise to optimise usage of our platform. With this in mind, we have created the ForeSight Academy: a collection of YouTube Playlists with the latest bite-size video tutorials on specific day-to-day use cases, capabilities, best practices, and more….

Planning a change to a Salesforce component

Save hours of manual investigations by instantly understanding the full impact of change…

Removing Technical Debt

Learn how to identify and remove the technical debt that has accumulated in your Salesforce org

Salesforce Enhanced Domains Migration

Learn how to prepare your Salesforce org to the Enhanced Domains Migration …

CPQ Quote Amount Change – Troubleshoot

Learn how to find the root cause of an issue with your CPQ system, such as an inconsistent quote amount.

Implement new product to Salesforce CPQ

Learn how to perform smart and effective planning of Salesforce CPQ implementations

Change with Confidence

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