Salesforce Testing

Maximize testing efficiency and reduce risk with ForeSight’s test management platform

The Rise of Salesforce Testing

Testing best practices is a relatively new area in Salesforce. With complexity seeping into growing Orgs, the need for accurate and risk-mitigating testing practices becomes crucial.

Over-Testing vs. Under-Testing

A constant struggle exists when managing testing on changes released to your Org. Do you test more and create longer processes, utilize more resources and increase costs? Or do you test less, leaving yourself open for higher risk of errors in production?  With risk-based Salesforce automated testing you get the best of both worlds. Understand in advance what areas of your Org are at risk, and focus your testing on what you know will be impacted. No more wasting resources doing more tests “just in case” and no more unexpected errors because you didn’t test enough.

Risk-Based Testing in Action


Increase Testing Accuracy

Determine what will break in advance to accurately scope testing needs and effort estimation. With risk identification, you can save time and effort by only testing what NEEDS to be tested

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automated testing icon

Improve User Acceptance Testing

Create a reliable process for documenting test evidence when your business users test new functionality.

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Improve Test Management

Manage and organize the flow of your testing before development starts. Compile and create a flow of tests, assign testers and specify data sets for testing for reusable test cycles.

Key Features

Test Management Platform

Get full visibility into affected components of a change so that you can accurately scope and coordinate test plans. For every entry point, a test owner can link test scripts from existing catalogs, get testing recommendations, or create new tests. View and manage test status in one management platform.

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User Acceptance Testing Recorder

Use ForeSight’s recorder to document test evidence when testing user functionality. The recorder automatically saves screenshots of the path the user took when testing the new functionality, allowing you to more easily identify defects in the process and providing the business user with a hassle free test process

User Acceptance Testing Recorder

Smart Testing for Salesforce

Learn how you can Save time and resources, accelerate deliveries, and ensure your business-critical processes continue to work reliably. Establish an effective and well-structured test management process with Panaya ForeSight.

Smart Testing for Salesforce Cover

Change with Confidence

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