System wide defects

Tired of Defects Inflation?

Once upon a time, when I was a testing manager and QA group leader, we were joking with the testers that their salary is based on the number of defects they find. In those days, the quantity was more important than quality in the eyes of executives.

Well thankfully, those days are over. In today’s Agile, high-pace working environment, all we want is to focus. Yes, focus. Focus on the right things, solve the real problems, once and for all.

One of the most important outcomes of testing are defects. A defect found triggers an on-going mutual effort by testers and developers to resolve it.

Defect Management Doesn’t Have to Be a Perpetual Cycle

We at Panaya already have a sophisticated defect management solution that saves time and automates the defects reporting and resolution.
For instance, when reporting a defect, the error screenshot and the steps to reproduce the defect are identified and automatically added to the reporting. Saving time on back-and-forth tester/developer communication.

Moreover, testers are notified when their defect is resolved and ready to be re-tested.  Which is again, a time-saving feature.

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Now, think about business applications testing as an end-to-end business process-oriented environment, used simultaneously by different testers.

It’s very likely to happen, that a tester will find a defect in a business component, and another tester(s) will come across the same defect (via another test). In this case, the same defect will be opened again and again causing duplicate efforts, which are a waste of both testers’ and developers’ time. The testers will report the defect, add screenshots, descriptions, steps to reproduce etc. and the developers will spend time trying to understand the problem, contact the tester, mark the defect as duplicate etc.

Industry research indicates that some 30% of defects found are duplicate.

System-Wide Defect Management

We at Panaya are well aware of this pain. We’re well aware of the wasted resources and prolonged time to market due to defect inflation. We’ve therefore introduced a new functionality to combat this issue.

Our testing platform, Panaya Test Dynamix now alerts and identifies defects’ potential to be system-wide, meaning that they may affect other tests. Following the alert, the platform suggests several courses of action.

The testing manager can, for instance, define an automatic notification for all testers who are assigned to test a component associated with a system-wide defect. Other options are available as well.


    Define influence type on other tests

The project manager has full visibility into the system-wide defects and their influence on other tests, immediately identifying the testing bottlenecks.

Smart defect management

    System-Wide defects dashboard

Panaya Test Dynamix is designed to make testing smarter, simpler, more effective and more friendly.

Oh and one more thing, no other testing platform/tool has similar capabilities.


To learn more about reducing duplication of defects (and efforts) in order to better utilize the time of the testers and developers in your organization, visit us.