How to Simplify Critical UAT Testing for Business Users

User acceptance testing (UAT) is possibly the most mission-critical part of the change delivery process. Most defects are discovered at this stage and yet it is often the most manual, and error-prone part of your testing cycle, especially when done remotely and in territories impacted by COVID-19.

To accelerate and error-proof UAT cycles, you must engage and motivate key business users with a smooth and effortless workflow.

Help business users make acceptance testing a priority by simplifying it. This guide outlines the top 3 counterproductive UAT practices and how you can simplify them to gain user adoption and execute faster and safer UAT cycles.

Learn how to:

  • Automate to accelerate more elements in your user acceptance testing
  • Incentivize key testers with ease-of-use
  • Error-proof UAT through visibility and built-in communication tools

Simplify Remote UAT

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