Test Planning

Planning that is intuitive and fast

Fast and Intuitive Application Testing

To meet delivery with quality, IT and business must work together to enable the right changes without compromising business process quality. With Panaya Test Dynamix, plan tests in end-to-end business process sequence, making planning and onboarding fast and intuitive for all relevant stakeholders.

Test Planning Dashboard
Planning Dashboard


  • Intuitive UI for test planning which mirrors business processes in production
  • Automated, accelerated and accurate business knowledge capture
  • Test assignment that is reflective of the sequential business workflows
  • Planning accelerators support testing variants for large scale projects
  • Track assigned steps per tester
  • Ensure review of tests before getting started
  • Prevent bottlenecks by tracking planned vs actual test project


Test Creation

There are three ways to get started: have your original testing documents automatically converted into Panaya within 48 hours and without any additional effort on your end; use Panaya’s Excel template to get started from scratch, or start building your test plans directly within our intuitive platform.

Test preparation

Edit test details such as due dates, individual assignments, scope (per mass import) and review.

Business Process Test Planning

Easily plan cross-functional business process testing requiring multiple users to collaborate

 Test Assignment

Remove cumbersome planning activities by assigning additional testers throughout the test process by reassigning testers per workload or for mass assignments. 

 Planning Accelerators

Enable quick creation of business process variants for multiple countries and business units in large scale projects (data sets). Duplicate tests from other projects and other users.


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