Large Scale UAT under tight Timelines - Allianz Global Investors achieve the impossible

Large Scale UAT Under Tight Timelines: Allianz Global Investors Achieve the Impossible

User Acceptance Test (UAT) cycles require a great deal of effort and time from all those involved. In fact, during a UAT cycle test managers spend up to 80% of their time collecting data and creating daily reports while key users spend up to 50% of their time documenting test executions.

By putting your changed application through real-world testing of all possible scenarios, you are in effect ensuring that the change supports your business and is fit for purpose.

While a necessary stage of introducing change, UAT is often too time-consuming and difficult to manage. Overreliance on manual work, managing multiple spreadsheets and challenges in engaging business users in the process hinder collaboration and provide test managers with little or no visibility into testing progress.

Test managers often really struggle to get business users involved as UAT is rarely high up on their list of priorities and they often lack the technical know-how to run effective tests.

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Allianz Global Investors’ UAT Secret Sauce: Panaya Test Dynamix

Leading active investment manager Allianz Global Investors faced that exact challenge during their full-stack outsourcing project. The project objectives were to complete all full-stack outsourcing to a single supplier and implement a single new standardized process template within one year. When AllianzGI rolled out a new SAP system in Europe and Asia, 40 testers in 7 locations had to test around 1,000 test cases in just under two weeks – defect management, resolution and retesting included. Needless to say, gaining key users’ buy-in was a challenge.

Panaya Test Dynamix made all the difference in terms of effortless onboarding and user-friendliness. By engaging key users, Panaya Test Dynamix enabled AllianzGI to achieve the impossible – large scale UAT under tight timelines.

Watch Maximilian Mayrhofer, Global Program Manager at Allianz Global Investors, recounting how Panaya Test Dynamix helped his team achieve the impossible with large-scale UAT under tight timelines:

“We would not have been able to do the testing that we did if we hadn’t had the automation and the acceleration potential that Panaya brought to the table summarized Maximilian Mayrhofer.

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