Shiseido Makes its UAT Healthy and Beautiful with Panaya

User Acceptance Testing can get ugly for a company’s testers, especially with teams that are spread across the world and without support of a testing solution.

This scenario was what Shiseido was looking at when they had to perform an overall SAP upgrade, moving from ECC EHP4 to EHP6.

Tight Deadline: Five and a Half Months to Migrate

Shiseido hadn’t done any major SAP projects since their 2010 go-live, and now they were pressed to migrate to EHP6. They had to mobilize almost 80 testers to perform User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and control their tests throughout their European division.
The plan for the UAT cycle was to run eleven countries in parallel, with 676 business processes to test.


Shiseido faced a lot of challenges, such as:

  • Having to manage the planning in Excel
  • Sharing the Excel files between sites,
  • Ensuring that everyone had the correct version to describe the updated sequence to test the business processes, and
  • Finding a way to promote collaborate between testers.


This was only the peak of the iceberg on the testing project.


Shiseido needed a modern solution to manage user testing. “The move to ERP agility also means that we need to look differently at how we handle UAT since it is becoming the new bottleneck of digital transformation,” said Sebastian Hebert, Technical Director at Shiseido.

After having used Panaya for a previous EHP3 SPS 11 upgrade, Shiseido decided to use their solution for this upgrade as well.

Speedy progress when the whole team collaborates

The entire upgrade process only took five months. The UAT took only five weeks! The speedy progress happened because they were able to get the full team to buy in, mobilized around an automated solution, instead of tedious Excel files. In addition to the quick progress, they had precise control of the projects and more detailed tracking systems. They had full recording of tests and their results.

Extra Benefits:

  • Shiseido was able to use Panaya to record results and proof for all tests on all platforms beyond SAP.
  • Tests were organized and well-structured so that they had a reusable test repository at the end of the project.
  • Panaya’s capture functions were used to generate comprehensive training documents.

“We managed to drive out tests in Europe, be on time and meet our schedule,” reported Sebastian Hebert.


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