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Manage, Maintain and Debug your Org with Panaya ForeSight:

  • New! Test Automation – Easily generate and execute automated tests to accelerate testing processes and optimize resources.
  • Impact Analysis – In-depth metadata analysis and visual mapping of the org’s architecture and dependencies.
  • Salesforce ExplAIn – AI-powered documentation, quick error resolution, and clear explanations of Salesforce customizations.
  • Org Cleanup – Identify and delete redundant components with the click of a button.

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“With our org being touched by many previous admins, when I started I had no idea where things were. It was taking average 30 min to 3 hrs sometimes to get my list of scopes to investigate. After using a demo for a week, I was able to quickly pull up what’s impacted and what needs to be look at in 5 seconds. “

With Panaya ForeSight, we are able to completely automate impact analysis, and that is helping us
reduce our lead time as well as providing more accurate details on what is the impact and reducing manual effort.

“Panaya has helped us to store so much information in only one Feature: functional requirements, development assignment, approval, testing & follow-up. We have definitely saved time solving defects thanks to the testing capture functionality & by user assignments of testing steps.“

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