AI-Driven Clarity:

Explanation and Org Documentation
for Salesforce Customizations

Leverage The Power of AI to Understand and Document Salesforce Code & Automations


Enhance work efficiency by leveraging a comprehensive AI based understanding of the functionality behind your customizations.


Quick copy the explanation for instant documentation, of your evolving org.


Easily pinpoint and resolve errors, empowered by an in-depth understanding of your code and automations.

Save time and accelerate development by translating complex processes into simple human language

Clarify Salesforce customizations with clear and simple explanations

Gain a profound understanding of the functionality within your Salesforce customizations, including Apex code, validation rules, formulas, flows, and LWC components.

Enhance work efficiency by reducing the necessity of involving a developer for each task.

ForeSight Explain - Clear Explanation

Streamline Issue Resolution with AI-Powered Explanations

Solve errors faster with AI-driven explanations, which decode complex system logic.

Instantly understand error messages without the need for code expertise.

ForeSight Explain - Error resolution

Simplify Documentation Creation

Enhance your processes by generating detailed explanations that serve as instant documentation.

With the ease of copying these insights you will gain a well-documented org to meet compliance, improve training procedures and speed up onboarding.

ForeSight Explain - Documentaion

Panaya ForeSight

Read more about ForeSight ExplAIn and learn how you can instantly gain clear insights and actionable explanations that empower your decision-making process, by translating complex technical details into easily understandable language.

ForeSight ExplAIn Datasheet Cover

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