Maintain a healthy org ready for implementing future enhancement
and for delivering concrete business values

Clean Up Technical Debt in Your Org Safely and Effectively


Identify and delete redundant components with the click of a button.

Optimize your org’s performance and reduce complexity.


Simplify your org structure and adjust it to fit Salesforce best practices.

Quicky access metrics & insights that allow you to improve your org maintenance and health.


Get a clear & up-to-date Metadata map of your entire org and gain key information for a safe clean-up.

Ensure new customizations and change requests aren’t putting ongoing business processes at risk.

Optimize your org with Panaya ForeSight

Assess Your Org

Use Panaya ForeSight Org Overview dashboard to quickly get valuable insights into your Production org and make educated decisions about improving its maintenance and health.

The available widgets include insights related to org complexity and size, components distribution and dependencies, aligned with salesforce best practices.

Identify Potential Technical Debt

Gain immediate access to a complete list of fields with related Technical Debt indicators.

Scope and analyze any component you are about to remove to avoid inadvertently deleting functionality that’s still in use.

Remove Potential Change Delivery Risks and Ensure Quality Ahead of Time

Handle all your deployment pre-planning needs and eliminate the time spent on investigations and analysis. All, while reducing incidents and managing risks.

Instantly understand how your org is built and the potential impact of any planned change.

Analysis-Result-Panaya Graph Legend Key

Panaya ForeSight

Read more about our Impact Analysis solution, and learn how you can instantly understand how everything in your org connects, allowing you to pinpoint the impact of a change, scope projects, and manage your implementation, development, and testing needs.

ForeSight Overview Cover

Change with Confidence

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