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Organizations big and small face complexity challenges when implementing changes and customization to your Salesforce Org. Panaya ForeSight lets you foresee the impact of those changes.

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Instantly Map Org

Instantly understand all dependencies, direct and indirect, associated with your selected component.

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Impact Analysis

Scope the impact of your planned changes and pinpoint code change highlights or references to the component within your Apex classes.

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Prepare Seamless

Use the project management Workspace to assign development and implementation tasks. Use our risk-based testing platform to scope and plan testing efforts.

“Panaya is an extremely powerful tool for quick and comprehensive impact analysis whcih assists architects, developers, administrators and more. There aren’t any other products we have found to be as simple to use or as comprehensive for our large, complex, and perprtually changing orgs.

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Use the Discovery Chrome Extension to quickly analyze your components with Panaya ForeSight

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