Test Automation

Augmenting Test Automation for Greater Enterprise Agility

To meet the requirements for digital transformation, organizations need to apply agile test methodologies that deliver quality at speed change, without introducing risk that can create critical application failures. Delivering continual change with quality assurance, requires implementing an end-to-end testing strategy that aims to accelerate business process testing across all test cycles with higher levels of automation coverage.

This blog post was originally published in Dzone’s Guide to Automated Testing: Improving Application Speed and Quality »

QA and test strategies must go beyond traditional automated test execution and deliver smart automation throughout the testing process. Automation must be executed holistically from planning, discovery and business knowledge capture to test execution and defect management while offering collaboration and visibility to all QA and business users involved.

Today’s increasingly complex enterprise applications landscapes warrants QA and testing teams being cross-functional and tools supporting automated testing, workflow processes and defect tracking.  This requires built-in collaborative means of communication and intuitive dashboards for both business and IT users. By increasing visibility into the change delivery process and improving collaboration you can significantly speed up test cycle times and guarantee quality.

Cloud-based solutions like Panaya’s end-to-end testing platform inherently deliver these functionalities and extend beyond traditional automation to increase quality assurance, shorten delivery cycles and position IT as an agile, true enabler of digital transformation.

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