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Gili is a seasoned Product Marketing Director, with vast experience spanning both global enterprises and Tech companies, transforming technology and innovation into compelling narratives that resonate. Harnessing also her past track record as a marketing and strategy consultant to startups, her focus is always on bridging the gap between complex tech offerings and customer-centric messaging to create a comprehensive, compelling story and ultimately - drive success in today's competitive market.

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What is Test Automation? And How AI Fits Into The Picture
What is Testing Automation in 2024? Think about the manual factory lines of last century. Slowing, painstaking...
Continuous Testing for Constant Quality
Continuous testing is a process for evaluating the stability and quality of the application throughout the dev...
A Tale of a Tangled Web, a Dancer & Codeless Test Automation
Picture this: a world where testing is not a tangled web of complexity but a well-choreographed dance. Now, im...
Smooth Sailing: Navigating the Seas of a Workday Global Migration
Imagine you’re a global business and you’ve just decided to improve your HR processes – all of them, every fac...
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