A Tale of a Tangled Web, a Dancer & Codeless Test Automation

codeless test automation

Picture this: a world where testing is not a tangled web of complexity but a well-choreographed dance. Now, imagine a backstage pass to this show, where codeless automation takes center stage, turning the testing narrative into a harmonious, virtuoso performance.

In the realm of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and business applications, the impact of masterful testing on business processes is nothing short of a high-stakes performance. Have you conquered this tangled web and seamlessly secured your business processes? A standing ovation is not out of the question!


When it comes to enterprise testing of ERP and critical packaged applications, the impact on business processes is   so high, that business users must be involved to help with testing. Business users may be unaccustomed to working with testing tools as professional testers. Nevertheless, their mission is critical to the quality of the project. Adopting user-friendly, intuitive automated testing tools is a key factor in bringing them in for a fruitful speedy collaboration, not to mention reducing IT dependency.

While testing manually can be dramatically improved with a modern test management platform, developing a codeless approach to automated functional and business process testing is also needed for ERP and packaged application users.

Business teams can easily create automated tests by using a simple tool that captures all users’ interactions and can repeat the scenarios on-demand as soon as they need to leverage it. This can be implemented in various cases: from ERP testing (like SAP and Oracle) to any other enterprise cloud packaged application such as Salesforce. com, ServiceNow, Workday, etc.

Testing Smarter with Codeless Automation Testing Tools

Panaya’s Test Dynamix Smart Testing platform makes it easy for business and IT testers to automate repetitive test scenarios without requiring test automation engineers. Developers and testers can focus on quality instead of spending vast amounts of time automating tests. This not only serves test automation for the sake of regression tests, for example but also helps manual testers dramatically accelerate manual testing with automation on demand while keeping complete control over the execution with detailed documentation that is automatically generated by the test automation tool.

Automated test creation

The unique built-in smart script builder automatically creates the testing script behind the scenes. Test authoring is automated without writing a single line of code and without any specific skills required. The script is easily readable and can be changed and maintained with codeless and advanced editing capabilities. Users  can disable or remove instructions, append additional steps, change recorded values, set parameters, create automated validation checks, etc.

In addition, default input values used during the application recording can also be put into parameters with multiple  datasets to perform data-driven testing and secure your coverage. Panaya’s recording technology performs an in-depth analysis of the type of action performed and all HTML elements involved. It creates self-healing algorithms  that will succeed in achieving the required actions, even on a web page that is being altered by changes.

Panaya’s Codeless Testing Tools

Panaya’s smart script builder ensures the robustness needed to cope with changes occurring in ERP and packaged     applications. These algorithms are the heart of the [Panaya] intelligent automation solution and are continuously adapted and improved.

Panaya Test Dynamix provides this Codeless test automation technology as a part of its end-to-end comprehensive Smart testing platform that employs AI-powered change analysis to optimize testing efforts with minimum risk for all enterprise packaged applications.

What is the importance of codeless automation testing?

Codeless solutions, such as Codeless test automation, are expected by market experts to dominate the market – representing up to 70% of solutions. With the implementation of automation enterprises will be able to:

  • Scale-up regression testing
  • Increase release cadence
  • Improve test coverage
  • Become more agile and collaborative

In this new paradigm of maximum velocity in flawless quality, manual tests are unable to keep pace with Agile and DevOps. While automating reduces the tedious, time-consuming, and often error-prone tasks of manual testing, automating large test suites is not an easy or practical task. This is especially true when you consider that most test automation tools    require code, and the majority of most QA teams can’t write code. Codeless test automation can prove enormously useful  in addressing this issue and filling this gap.

Although codeless development isn’t a magic cure-all, it can address essential resource shortages in enterprise application delivery, which concern many organizations today. Over time, this trend is expected to expand, and applications will become  even easier to build and test for common processes and use cases.

Lights out, take a bow and enjoy – the standing ovation is simply inevitable!


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