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We are thrilled to announce that Panaya has been named User Experience Testing Solution Vendor of the Year by QA Financial in this year’s QA Vector Awards. One of the key principles we had in mind when we developed Panaya Test Dynamix, was creating a test management platform that would cater to the needs of all types of users – technical and non-technical alike so this award means a lot in confirming our product vision.

Now in their second year, the QA Vector awards are the only awards dedicated to software quality assurance, testing, delivery and IT risk management at banks and other financial services firms (though Panaya Test Dynamix caters to all industries!). The winners of the awards have demonstrated:

  • Innovation in response to customer demand and market opportunities, and in response to regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Innovation in the application of new technologies, such as automation, AI and machine learning.
  • The expert execution of quality assurance in the delivery of apps, software development projects, software products or technology platforms.

So what else makes Test Dynamix a unique solution?

As a SaaS-based solution, onboarding Panaya couldn’t be simpler, especially in comparison to some of the traditional tools available today. Using a simple licensing model with a subscription service that requires no hardware installation, customers gain value on a monthly basis. Built-in collaboration functionalities help eliminate idle times, relieve workload bottlenecks and ensure optimal workflows. With an accurate view of testing status and responsibility, teams can seamlessly work across locations and time-zones on a single, standardized platform, without having to worry about converting or updating spreadsheets. For compliant organizations such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA), audit-ready documentation and e-signatures ensure compliance with all internal and external standards.    

These are just some of the advantages Panaya Test Dynamix has to offer, not only improving the overall testing experience for professional testers and casual business users, but also reducing testing time by up to 50% without having to make any compromises. Finally, with more and more IT organizations moving toward Agile practices and tools, Panaya Test Dynamix makes the transition simple by already incorporating Agile principles into the platform.

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