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Designed Specifically for
Business Process Testing

Change and Test with confidence – Boost enterprise applications testing with the leading smart test management platform so you can go-live faster with no defects.

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Key Benefits



Gain real-time control over test execution and take immediate corrective actions.


85% Faster
Test Cycles

Cut down projects’ duration by actively solving bottlenecks & eliminating idle time.

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migration analysis icon

Risk-Based Optimal
Testing Scope

Optimize test planning & execution based on change impact analysis coupled with real usage.

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Unparalleled Remote
Testing Efficiency

Make it easy for your global teams to manage and execute testing as if they were across the hall

Hear From Our Customers


“Prior to Panaya, obtaining metrics on testing was largely impossible. This new visibility reduces risk,” she adds. “Assurance that there were no ‘Priority 1’ issues open via tracking allowed the team to go live with confidence”


“Panaya Test Dynamix is great. We have a lot of flexibility to play with scripts; workflow is simple, and no other tool provides impact analysis within SAP. I’m truly sold on the tool”


“Testing isn’t chaotic anymore. Testers can concentrate on testing rather than logistics. Thanks to Panaya, we are more efficient and manage to accomplish more testing with less people.”

Focus on
What matters

Stress-Free Test Management
Wherever You Are

Change with Confidence

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