Panaya Named Leading Testing Provider by Test Magazine

Panaya Named Leading Testing Provider by TEST Magazine

Recognized by TEST magazine as one of the 20 Leading Testing Providers of 2017, Panaya now gets to add a prestigious tag to its name. A testament to the testing community’s faith in our solution, this recognition follows the recent announcement by the European Software Testing Awards that Panaya has made it to the final round.

Covering thought-provoking issues on a bimonthly basis, TEST Magazine’s editorial team conducts the research and publishes a list of TOP-20 vendors that have distinguished in this area and keep promoting good practices in the field.

What Makes Us a Leading Testing Provider?

Panaya was chosen for its leadership in continuous delivery of innovation to the world of enterprise IT applications. The entry, on page 67 of the September 2017 issue, further stated that with Panaya, IT and Business leaders can accelerate and promote change, so that enterprise applications meet the rising pace of today’s business.

Panaya Test Center (PTC) is a cloud-based testing platform that improves the speed and quality of application delivery. Built around four principles: automation, collaboration, visibility and compliance, PTC provides an intuitive, easy to use, test automation and management solution to plan, execute and monitor all functional test cycles.

With an innovative and affordable dual stage automation approach based on machine learning and our autonomous testing methodology, PTC, improves adoption of functional test automation beyond the traditional 5-10% while removing the reliance on costly test engineering. The automated process-centric and collaborative features accelerate testing with confidence for both IT and business users. Panaya customers realize 30-50% faster test cycles.

Panaya Test Center: Game-Changing Strengths That Merit the Nomination

  • Zero-touch test automation eliminates the need for expensive, engineered scripts
  • Business process oriented test planning ensures quality release to production
  • Cross-functional, collaborative test execution strengthens IT and Business convergence
  • Risk management through delivery impact and risk mitigation
  • Increased visibility into test execution utilizing business-oriented reports and analysis

We are honored to be recognized by TEST magazine and will continue to pursue quality and customer satisfaction with exceptional dedication.

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