S/4HANA - The UK C-Level Pleaser

S/4HANA Simple Finance – The UK C-Level Pleaser

If complexity is the killer of efficiency, then SAP’s new Simple Finance is the disruptive solution. S/4HANA Simple Finance is “The C-Level Pleaser” – and game-changer.

And it will have a huge impact in the UK – over the coming months and years.

  • S/4HANA - The UK C-Level Pleaser
    S/4HANA – The UK C-Level Pleaser

    What is Newcastle University’s first step in moving from Oracle to S/4HANA?

  • What does SAP’s UK and Ireland Managing Director have to say about “the hub, the centre, the core” of enterprise?

S/4HANA is going to rewrite the rules of mid and large cap enterprise and there are huge C-Level benefits on the way. In this upcoming webinar, we dissect the benefits for the CIO, VP Finance, VP Sales, VP Supply Chain and of course the CEO.

Let’s take a look at two of them – the CIO and VP Finance.

S/4HANA – The CIO Pleaser

In the past CIOs ran the IT ecosystem. Tomorrow, CIOs will be the bridge between business and IT.

Until recently, CIOs delivered hardware to the business. Today, they need to deliver services with ROI calculators attached! CIOs need to always be on the hunt for new business models. In other words, the successful CIO is the CIO who creates his or her company’s moat – the competitive edge. What are the latest cutting edge SaaS ecosystems that will propel your business ahead of the pack? What are the automation tools that enable your IT team to focus on the big picture and not on the drudgery of busy work?

Simple Finance’s real-time data answers this question. Mid, large and mega caps should take a close look at Simple Finance. The 3 to 6 month implementation will be water under the bridge when you set your business in pole position.

S/4HANA Simple Finance is a deliverable that will directly benefit your C-Level colleagues.

S/4HANA – The VP Finance Pleaser

We continue with the VP Finance, a creature of numbers who craves up-to-date information.

Simple Finance provides your VP Finance access to instant analysis across all areas of your business. Simple Finance allows you, the VP Finance, to pinpoint your exact financial situation in an instant. Until now, when financial executives looked at performance vs forecasted models, they were looking into the past. Simple Finance gives them an “up to the second” view.

For your accountants and administrative staff, the days of overtime for closing the books are over. This is a cost saver that is a win-win for your business and employees.

What about VP Sales, VP Supply Chain and the CEO? What about Newcastle’s first step towards SAP?

S/4HANA Simple Finance – The C-Level Pleaser – UK Edition Webinar on demand right now! We answer these questions and much more.