Change Is Easier When You Have Trust in Automation

Panaya & Worksoft just announced a new partnership. The goal? To help SAP customers deliver change faster with intelligence and automation you can trust.

We’re so excited. Our end-to-end Change Intelligence solution just got deeper and even more end-to-end. How is that even possible? You might wonder. Well, glad you asked.

Can an End-To-End Change Intelligence Solution Get Even More End-To-End?

As an ERP manager getting ready for a transformational SAP project, you’re measured not only by the accuracy of your scoping, but also by the quality of your execution. Whether you are going for an S/4HANA system conversion, SAP S/4HANA greenfield implementation, or any ECC optimization project, what you’d probably like more than anything is a “crystal ball type” platform that gives you foresight into what to fix, what to test, and what to automate. That’s Panaya Release Dynamix. But what if that platform could move your project directly from discovery and insights to the execution of automated testing and RPA

The joint solution does all of that. The partnership creates the perfect control and visibility solution for ERP projects. This solution is ideal for both technical and business users. With Panaya and Worksoft’s joint solution, any developer, business user, or test automation stakeholder can proactively manage and accelerate SAP change projects. 

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Change Intelligence and Smart Automation. Why Should You Care?

With the increasing number of pivots and tightening of IT budgets in today’s economic climate, the pressure is on ERP managers to do more with less. Ensuring zero defects during critical business process change while optimizing cost and quality is a huge challenge for SAP customers right now. With Worksoft, we’re giving strained IT teams the power to reduce the time, cost, and risk of any S/4HANA system conversion, new implementation, or ECC optimization project by up to 50 percent. 

The Power to Do More With Less

By combining Panaya Change Intelligenceand test management capabilities with Worksoft’s continuous test automation platform, the deeper partnership provides the safest and most cost-effective way for your organization to maximize ROI on its current SAP system, or prepare for the next step in its ERP evolution.

Tony Sumpster, CEO at Worksoft said today that “Panaya’s Change Intelligence is now fully integrated with Worksoft’s Connective Automation platform.” He then further divulged that “The integrated platform is already providing value to leading fortune 50 customers, driving 614% ROI in less than six months for complex S/4HANA projects. 

In Automation We Trust

So, going back to our earlier question, as it turns out, end-to-end can in fact extend further into new grounds. As AI and test automation technology evolves, it also becomes more trustworthy. Finally, SAP customers can afford to leave more of the project phases to artificial intelligence with confidence, which makes this powerful integration a game-changer across the SAP ecosystem.

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