SAP Partners with Panaya to Drive SAP S/4HANA Adoption

SAP is the world’s largest provider of enterprise application software. Panaya is the leader in ERP and CRM change intelligence. The SAP S/4HANA platform, synonymous with business processes optimization and faster innovation, enables ERP flexibility in the new normal. Today, the SAP and Panaya partnership means a new era in SAP S/4HANA migration. Now enterprises can easily bridge the complexity barrier and adopt SAP S/4HANA with confidence.

Through the Partnership with SAP, Panaya is providing new value in simplifying the transition towards SAP HANA. We do this by enriching SAP tools and capabilities with Change Intelligence insights. Panaya’s Change Intelligence capabilities provide SAP users the opportunity to change with confidence.

SAP Partnership

Complexity Is a Barrier to the SAP S/4HANA Move

There is no question that SAP S/4HANA is, or at least should be on every SAP ERP manager’s horizon. At the same time, the initial investment in a migration, along with the complexities of migrating custom code and worries of the project exceeding time frame all serve as deterrents, aggravated by the pandemic.

A recent joint survey of SAP users in the two largest SAP user groups globally, ASUG and DSAG measured a 71% adoption rate of SAP S/4HANA amongst ASUG (Americas’ SAP Users’ Group) members and even higher rates among  DSAG (the German-speaking SAP User Group) members. According to the survey, the complexity of the move remains the main barrier to SAP S/4HANA implementations. More delays can be attributed to the current economic climate.

Panaya Simplifies SAP S/4HANA Adoption

Panaya S/4convert is an easy to use SaaS solution that manages your migration project proactively. Panaya provides an end-to-end project blueprint, ready to execute in 48 hours, with a simplified SAP migration tools Cookbook, leveraging best practices and Change Intelligence AI engines to autopilot your migration, based on deep analysis of every element in your SAP ERP.

The partnership highlights the two companies’ shared goal, helping SAP customers implement SAP S/4HANA safer and faster than ever before. With the power of the Panaya Change Intelligence platform behind them, SAP customers can unleash the full benefits of SAP S/4HANA and cloud platforms.

How Does the New Partnership Benefit You?

Panaya customers and partners can now use SAP best practice and tools embedded in the Panaya solution. Here are just some of the things you can achieve through the joint offering, namely the Panaya S/4convert solution:  

Eliminate migration risk.
See what will break, what will change, what to fix, and what to test based on a complete S4/HANA system conversion impact analysis of your standard and custom code.

Save over 50% of project time and up to 90% of code correction resources.
Deploy 90% of your code corrections automatically and prioritize all activities based on actual data and usage – not estimations, to save hundreds of working hours

Get it right the first time – avoid multiple sandbox iterations.
Understand each required step upfront and focus your activities on what needs to be done based on your code and usage and not generic best-practice.
Gain real-time visibility and control over each element of your project.

Proactively manage each aspect of your migration project with real-time insight into each step. Track your team’s activities to remove project bottlenecks.

Scope, Test & Correct – With Confidence

Thanks to the SAP and Panaya partnership, enterprises on route to SAP S/4HANA can now benefit from the perfect blend of methodology and technology leading to a safe and fast migration.

  • The most comprehensive Impact Analysis coverage. Leveraging SAP tools, best practices, and Panaya propriety Change Intelligence AI to automatically analyze every element of your ECC system.
  • Real data & usage-based assessment. Providing all remediation and testing activities scope and priorities of effort in 48 hours
  • Automatic, intelligent code remediation– Creating ready-to-deploy automatic massive code corrections directly to your Dev system at the touch of a button.
  • Smarter and faster test management and execution. Leveraging Panaya’s Best of Breed Business process-centric Test Management Platform designed for SAP testing fully integrated with Worksoft Smart Test Automation
SAP Partnership

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