Why Smart Salesforce DevOps is the Answer to All Your Change Inefficiencies

Smart Salesforce DevOps

Continuous and Agile Salesforce deployment is no small feat when your project belongs to a sophisticated Salesforce org and software tech stack. Many large organizations with complex setups often rely on Salesforce DevOps teams to help them with their feature and release management, seeking efficiencies in the continuous testing and refinement of their Salesforce release process.

But even for senior organizations with seasoned Salesforce DevOp teams that leverage integrated, advanced Salesforce Continuous Improvement/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) methodologies, additional challenges and inefficiencies may arise within complex environments. Meaning, the larger you are, the more complicated changes can get.

Whether it’s improper testing, failure to run adequate risk analysis, a poor change management plan, or badly coordinated Salesforce release management tools, a disjointed Salesforce Release and lack of cohesive planning can have disastrous impacts on your project and even on your organization. Even if your release goes as planned, scoping a project is time-consuming and complex, often leading to unforeseen gaps that can result in errors and bugs in later releases or just not meeting your estimated delivery time.

Research and consulting firm Gartner estimates 75% of all DevOps initiatives through 2022 will fail to meet expectations, suggesting that the potential for DevOps failure is more common than you might think. And the cost of that DevOps failure is no joke, with estimates that critical application failures in Fortune 1000 companies cost an average of $100,000 an hour.

Salesforce Devops
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But don’t despair, not all DevOps projects are doomed to fail. The best way to avoid potential DevOp failures is by planning the release & change management process extremely carefully, and by leveraging excellent tools like Panaya ForeSight to facilitate your planning and DevOps process before the requirements reach the hands of your developers.

How Panaya ForeSight Can Help with Salesforce Deployment before Your Stories Hit DevOps – Try it Free Today

Before you even hand over build work to your developers, you should have a deep understanding of what your new requirements entail, which requirements must be prioritized, which dependencies they may impact in your system, and what your test and communication strategy should be.

But complex systems often have complex dependencies, making it very difficult and time-consuming to determine which existing features a new story, change request or task might impact. With a code environment as interrelated as Salesforce, where would you even begin to assess potential dependency pitfalls caused by your new requirements, much less determine which features require special testing?

Enter Panaya ForeSight, a comprehensive Smart DevOps & Impact Analysis Solution for Salesforce.

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Panaya ForeSight is the only complete impact analysis tool for Salesforce that brings change intelligence to the DevOps process. ForeSight allows its users to compare their Salesforce metadata against their new potential development features, to determine risks and potential dependencies, prioritize feature change, and ensure new feature testing–long before stories are assigned to developers.

Panaya ForeSight takes the inefficiencies out of Salesforce DevOps by identifying risks early on and facilitating the testing of new requirements.

Leverage the Panaya ForeSight Google Chrome extension to highlight the component you plan on changing in Salesforce:

Analyze Discovery

And Panaya ForeSight will instantly open a full dependency map for your review:

Get Full Visibility

The Impact Analysis will delineate areas of direct and indirect impact related to the new change request, letting a user review all potential impacts while allowing assignment of all impacted areas to a specific developer for investigation.

By identifying all dependencies before a project begins, ForeSight accurately scopes the planned change, and avoid unforeseen bugs and unintended consequences later in your deployment—and mostly, will help you prevent your team from backtracking late in your DevOps process, while saving you time and money.

Development Needs

But efficiency and structure don’t stop with risk identification, as Panaya ForeSight streamlines the testing process for these identified risks. By identifying all testing potential entry points, developers and testers can create a test plan and test activities within Panaya ForeSight to link existing or suggested tests to the new feature. By using a tool that integrates cleanly with your existing devops process, you can maximize efficiency.

Foresee Testing Needs

By adding structure and comprehensive dependency review into your pre-DevOps, DevOps, and Test processes, Panaya ForeSight cleans up the DevOps and Salesforce Change Management process before any other code or declarative customizations are pushed into higher environments. Panaya ForeSight sets up the other DevOps and Salesforce Release Products that come later in the development cycle for success.

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Salesforce release management can be extremely risky, and even with advanced Salesforce CI/CD methodologies, the organizational impact of a failure is high. Because foreseeing potential breakage can feel impossible, it can be extremely challenging to organize your development plans, coordinate your development teams, and manage your Salesforce Deployment tools.

Failing to foresee potential pitfalls in development can be disastrous for your DevOps teams, which is why thorough planning of potential change impact is critical to the success of your Salesforce Deployment.

Streamlining your DevOps and release process from beginning to end can create incredible efficiencies and identifying risks before development and implementation begin can give your teams the ability to handle their change requirements and adapt more quickly to potential breakage during their development cycle.

If you’re curious to see how adding a Salesforce dependency mapping tool into your DevOps Processes will revolutionize your Salesforce Releases, try Panaya ForeSight for free and experience the benefits for yourself. Panaya will give you a free two-week trial of their basic ForeSight package, allowing you to run your own ad-hoc impact analyses on your own Salesforce metadata.

Include Panaya ForeSight into your DevOps process and learn how to improve efficiency and reduce planning and scoping efforts, all while streamlining development assignments and dramatically reducing future bugs and potential downtime.

Don’t let your user stories get to your developers without a plan and an understanding of what needs to be done. Try Panaya ForeSight for free today, and learn how to make your next Salesforce release a success before your work even deploys.

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