Three Reasons to Meet Panaya on the Salesforce World Tour

Salesforce World Tour 2019

The Salesforce World Tour brings together the best and brightest Salesforce innovators from around the globe, for a series of events. Whether you are the purveyor of AI, the Internet of Things, mobile, cloud or any other business-transforming technology, the Salesforce World Tour is your Mecca for learning how to differentiate on customer experience.

Salesforce World Tour 2019

This year, five of the Salesforce World Tour events are key stops for us here at Panaya, as we continue our journey to support Salesforce professionals in making informed production decisions. We’ll be joining the tour in these five exciting locations: Amsterdam, New York, London, Paris and Tokyo. Here are three good reasons to meet us at an event near you:

Reason #1: You Need Your Salesforce Changes 50% Faster, 100% Safer

If you’re looking for more visibility into change dependencies, let’s definitely meet. Panaya ForeSight for pinpoints impacted areas so you can easily foresee and resolve your risks.

Reason #2: You’re Planning a Switch to Lightning

Salesforce Lightning promises speed and flexibility. But what does it mean for your organization? How ready are you for the move? Do you already have an idea of the impact on your users, Salesforce org and business processes? We’ve partnered with Salesforce MVP Eric Dreshfield to bring you more clarity. Talk to us about simplifying your move to Lightning with impact analysis and risk-based testing.

Salesforce Lightning Webinar On Demand

Reason #3: Your Salesforce Org Is in Dire Need of Spring Cleaning

Over the years your org may have become littered with ever-changing requirements and noise. We’ve partnered with Salesforce MVP David Giller to bring you the ‘Marie Kondo of Salesforce.’ Talk to us on how to declutter your Salesforce org. We’ll help you introduce order into your business processes, users & roles, data architecture, integrations, data and user interface. 

How to Clean Your Salesforce Org in 6 Steps

Wherever your Salesforce World Tour may take you, count on Panaya to be there. Don’t be shy, come say hello. We’re waiting for you.

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