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Salesforce change delivery

Introducing Panaya ForeSight for Because You Deserve Daily Certainty is spreading through business teams and organizations, quickly becoming the epicenter of many organizations. Easy to use and customize – new reports, dashboards, workflows, validation rules and formulas begin to stack up. Whether it is daily modifications, scheduled releases or major projects – everyone is looking for an answer to the million-dollar question: when will the changes be ready? The problem: no one really knows for sure.

The Paradox

While is a relatively new and agile technology, the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) methodology behind it has been stagnant for a while. Here lies the root of your stress. The Business end of your organization wants to make changes. You act quickly to realize it, but your application change infrastructure hasn’t changed at the pace of business.

By the time you manually go through your application to find errors and fix them – your company’s management could be making potentially wrong decisions based on incorrect data, reports and dashboards. So, the question is, how can you be certain that the changes and customizations you need can be realized without risk?

If you are a business application manager, here are some of the daily challenges you are likely to face:

  • An influx of projects that seems impossible to prioritize
  • A haphazard scoping process based on guesstimates rather than hard data
  • Late delivery due to inadequate resource allocation
  • No guarantee as to the quality of your release

We understand the difficulty and stress involved in trying to accurately address these issues.

Release-Certainty at the Click of a Button

In June, we introduced our new platform, Panaya ForeSight for Salesforce, a cloud-based solution for application delivery. From initial business change request through to testing and production, Panaya ForeSight provides coordination and visibility into speed, scope and quality through a single collaborative platform, delivering change to Enterprise Applications. Now, we have augmented this solution with Panaya ForeSight for, which is specifically designed to support agile Salesforce change delivery.

Panaya ForeSight for offers an innovative approach to risk mitigation and QA, so you can deliver Salesforce change projects with speed and quality. In other words, it is the only solution today that supports informed production decisions with visibility into change dependencies, by pinpointing the impacted areas so you can easily foresee and resolve your risks.

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